Before one builds a building one has to build a foundation for it.  Before a large tree can grow roots have to grow that can't feed it and hold it up.  Before flowers can bloom on a vine the vine has to grow leaves. 

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    Does this apply to relationships?   Some people have told me they jump right in.  I've also been told the best relationships start from a foundation of friendship. 

    If one is attracted to a woman who doesn't show the same interest back it's probably best to start with a friendship based on respect and caring.  That friendship may lead some day to a romantic relationship.  

    If the mutual interest is there it may be best to jump right in.  However, both people are taking a risk of getting hurt and of hurting the other person.  There always is that risk in romantic relationships but is greater if one gets involved with someone one doesn't know well. 

    The down side to developing a friendship first is that friendship can interfere with the development of romantic relationships if one of the friends is afraid to risk the friendship.  Romantic relationships can destroy friendships when they don't work out and some people don't get romantically involved with their friends for that reason.

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