There is a long distance between objecting to the intolerable and demanding the comfortable
Daphne Patai in Heterophobia 

MacKinnon has nearly won the war to transform Title VII from a law that bans sex discrimination to a law that bans sexual expression
Jeffrey Rosen, New Republic Dec 29, 1997

Sexual expression has become dangerous especially in the workplace where people spent a great deal of their lives.  Displays of affection have become dangerous.  I myself have experienced that.  A woman at my job was affectionate to me for quite some times.  Then one day I made the mistake of putting my arm around her in an affectionate hug.  She went to a higher up and complained about sexual harassment to my bewilderment.  I now think that, this is a result of feminist indoctrination of paranoia toward men.  I also experienced it as a result of being engaged to a woman who had become convinced that she was a victim of extreme abuse and who had developed false memories as a result of feminist therapy designed to elicit memories of abuse.  She believed both her parents were part of a baby killing cult who had abused her and that her sister was too and started to think that I might have been an abuser as well.  It caused her to sabotage our relationship and prevent it from growing into a loving happy one and ultimately led her to end it.  My efforts to help her turned her against me and she made accusations against me to my employer even though she didn't work at my job.  She is by no means unique, false memories of abuse have turned many daughters against their parents and broken up many families. 

    I married another woman years later.  One day after I was married, there was a blackout and I knocked on the door of a divorced female neighbor to offer to help get her and her family supplies.  She was terrified that I was coming to abuse her even though she knew me and wouldn't answer the door.  The next day she left letters under my door accusing me of being an abuser and offering to help my wife if she ever were to accuse me of abuse in court. 

    What is the result of this paranoia toward men?  In my case I will think twice and thrice about offering help to any female. 

Daphne Patai in her excellent book Heterophobia wrote:

The real intent of the Sexual Harassment industry seems to be to create not only a public setting altogether devoid of sexual expression but one in which not even a passing sign of personal interest is tolerated for fear that any overt revelation of it might well be found offensive by the recipient.  If he Sexual Harassment Industry were to succeed in this objective ... it would surely move us step by inexorable step toward an antiseptic world where human relations would be so ritually structured that the very possibility of sexually charged encounters in school and workplace will have been eliminated...  Why it is imagined that women might actually wish to live in such a world is another intriguing question.

The last sentence here makes a good point.  Feminist indoctrination of paranoia hurts women as well as men.



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