When Bill experienced rejection from Susan (as discussed in the Coming On Too Strong Section) he reacted by perceiving Susan as defective.  He may also have felt some paranoia and hurt toward Susan because she rejected him and that may be part of the reason he struck back by accusing her of being unreliable.   Reacting with paranoia toward rejection by the opposite sex is often inappropriate and harmful.  Although Susan might not have been ready for a romantic relationship with Bill that doesn't mean that she wouldn't be a friend and that she wouldn't be ready for one at some future time.  If someone rejects us as a boyfriend it doesn't mean they are bad or that they hate us and it doesn't mean that we are defective in some way.   I had a good male friend who was rejected by a female friend of mine and now he's married to a wonderful woman who appreciates him.  I think my female friend who did the rejecting was blind to his great qualities and foolish.  On the other hand one can't fault people for wanting what they want and not wanting what they don't want. 



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