Natural Oscillations in Relationships:  While relationships are developing there may be changes back and forth in the way people feel toward each other.  When a person (we'll call him Jack), needs space and needs to pull away from a relationship his partner (we'll call her Jill) may feel hurt, react with hostility and drive Jack away permanently. There may however, be nothing to be hostile about.  It's natural in relationships for people not to be in sync and for one person to want to go slower than the other.    If Jill understands this and remains friendly Jack may come back.  Some people in Jill's place might not behave in a hostile way while Jack is gone but might reject Jack when he attempts to come back.  That can be a mistake as well.  Jill may reject Jack  because she feels Jack hurt her but Jack may have not been ready for the commitment Jill wanted or he may have had other good reasons for pulling away.  He might still wind up loving her and committing to her if she is patient and understanding when he pulls away. 


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