The story of Monica Lewinsky's affairs is a story of what can go wrong when one dates a married man.  Monica appears to have thought it was OK as long as no one found out about it.  That by the way is an interesting philosophical question which is discussed further in the morality section.  When people did find out about it it caused enormous pain to Bill Clinton, his family, Monica and her family.  In an interview with Barbara Walters which was broadcast on 3/4/99 Monica says how she was afraid of being imprisoned for perjury.  She tells how humiliated she was when she was forced to testify about the details of her sex life.   She describes how she was considering suicide.  At the end of her  interview Monica said how she wanted to get married and to have children.  One would expect that her record of adulteress affairs and her reputation  would make it more difficult for her to find someone to marry but as of 3/23/1999 she appears to have a new beau and men are flocking to bookstores for her autograph.  Her book is selling all over the world and she is making a lot of money.

    When Barbara Walters asked her what she would tell her grandchildren Monica said

"Mommy made a big mistake". 

    Barbara Walters then turned to her television audience and said "That is the understatement of the century."  

    Was it?

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