Don Diebel sends out a free email newsletter about succeeding with women.   In one newsletter he discussed listening to women's problems.  He said things that I have found from experience to generally be very true so I am repeating them here.  

If a woman talks about her problems listen and show concern.  While she's venting her problems, don't interrupt her with your solutions .   Often women just  want someone to listen to them and sympathise with them.   Whatever you do, don't tell her:

"Get over it."
"It's no big deal."
"Calm down."
"Chill out."

   Women think their problems are a big deal and they'll like you more if you do to. 

  I once was knew a girl who was going to a 12 step program where she vented her problems to a group there.  They all felt sympathetic and made suggestions about how she could better deal with her problems.  She became very angry at yelled at the poor people that she didn't want them to tell her what to do, she just wanted them to listen.  If ever there was confirmation for Don Diebel's advice about not interrupting them with your solutions that was it.

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