Lessons About How Not to Act from Temptation Island

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    Temptation island is a show in which four couples go to Belize and are separated from each other and go on dates with singles.  The singles were chosen to be exactly what they were looking for.  In the last episode that I watched the men were told they had to select one single girl who had to leave the island and the women were told they had to select one single man who had to leave.   Much to my shock the men selected a very beautiful woman who had been Miss Georgia to leave the island.  One of the men explained that she used strong arm tactics.   She told him "You are going to take me out tonight aren't you".   That behavior was a big enough turnoff to get her voted off the island.  The women voted off a massage therapist.  One of the women explained that he was too arrogant and that women can't stand arrogant men.


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