I know a girl who has faced a lot of adversity in her life and who owes a lot of medical bills.  As a result she doesn't have the funds to rent a place of her own.  Even if she had the funds to rent she wouldn't because her mother is in the hospital and she feels she ought to be home and  take care of her father.  She went to a singles party and met a lawyer and they started chatting.   Pretty soon he started cross-examining her with questions like.  "Why do you live at home?  Do you plan to ever leave home?"  No one likes to be cross-examined and that is no way to get a date. 

    Sometimes when I go to a singles party I feel like I am walking into a room full of pretty judges and attorneys.  Behind the makeup are judges, evaluating, judging and rejecting.  How much more attractive they would be if they approached men with faith instead of with judgement.  By not giving men a chance they don't give themselves one.


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