Ask Joe is a column in Mademoiselle magazine in which a fictition character (Joe D'Amour) answers women's questions about men.  One woman wrote to Joe that she had made herself attractive and wanted to know what else she could do (Sept. 2001 Mademoiselle I think).  Joe D'Amour (I hope he's not really a little old lady) said men don't just want looks.   They are looking for a woman with a Joie De Vivre (joy of living).  I think Joe is right about that.  I think women look for that in men as well.  I used to know a young enthusiastic guy by the name of Robert who was full of Joie De Vivre.  One day a very attractive young woman visited me in a room I was renting near the University I was attending.  I made a pass at her and she told me that she wasn't interested.  Than she asked me for Robert's phone number. 

   Recently I was talking to a man who was serving me scrambled eggs in my companies cafeteria.  We were discussing commuting and I enthusiastically told him how nice it was because the trees were turning color.  I then noticed that a beautiful girl was smiling at me. I think I got that smile because of my Joie de Vivre during that conversation.

   I also remember a girl I used to work with while I was a graduate student who I was crazy about.  She was full of Joie De Vivre and that made me very attracted to her. 

   So how do we fill ourselves with Joie De Vivre?  The self help section of this web site may be helpful in that regard.


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