Yesterday (Friday Nov 10) I was at a dinner party in which the icebreaker was to tell stories of past bad dates.  Two of the stories were told by women about men who interviewed them on the first date.  In one the man actually bought with him a compatibility questionaire he wanted the girl to fill out so that he could decide if the two of them were compatible.  In another the man asked the girl to tell him about her "morality". 

   Before going to this dinner party a good female friend of mine had told me about interviews she had endured.  On her first date with a lawyer he started cross examining her to determine if she was up to his standards.  In another very wierd date a psychologist asked her to psychoanalyze the expression on a doll.

   If you interview a woman on the first date, you may decide that she's the woman of your dreams but she will decide that you are not the man of hers.   Women and men want to have fun on dates, not endure examinations.  An examination is insulting.  It implies to the other person that you are unsure if they are good enough for you.  It implies that you are arrogant and think that you are better than them and are worried that they don't live up to your standards.  It also shows women that you are self centered and don't think of their feelings. If you want to be successful on a date give the other person the benefit of the doubt and try and think of how to make the date a good time for them instead of a fact finding mission for yourself. 


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