A flirting quiz that appeared on MSN 6/27/2000 asks if playing hard to get is a smart strategy.  The answer give by MSN was no.  The full answer from MSN follows:strategy.

Answer: Five points for false. A study by social scientists asked college men whether they preferred a hard-to-get woman. Nearly all replied: Yes — if she's hard to get, more men want her, she can afford to be choosy, and my friends will all envy me. The researchers then set up a test with college men and women who'd signed up for a computer-dating service. The men were told to call the women and ask for a date; the women were instructed to respond with an instant, enthusiastic yes half the time and, the other half, to pause for three seconds before agreeing. To the researchers' surprise, the men didn't like the "hard-to-get" women any better. Five subsequent experiments confirmed these results.

  So why do men believe that playing hard to get is a smart strategy?  One reason might be that desperation is a turn off and if a woman acts desperate for a man I think they are less likely to be attracted to her.  Also some men appear to be interested in a woman until they have her.  Once they have her they lose interest.

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