I was watching a dating show during which a beautiful woman was interviewed about her experiences dating a man.   The man was very handsome and she developed strong feelings for him while they dated but after some fights he felt that things wouldn't work out.  When asked whether she still had feelings for him she paused and her pain showed on her face and then she said it would be hard to admit that she didn't have feelings for him.  She said that she couldn't turn her feelings off the way men can. 

    I am a man who still has feelings for a girl who turned off her feelings for him.  I was in love with and engaged to a girl who spent less and less time with me until she disappeared altogether.   I kept sending her letters but never got replies.  I ran into her once and she said to me maybe you should go that way and I should go the other way.  I went with her and before she entered her car gave her a hug.  She was like a stone statue.   She then ran into her car and pulled out of her spot like a race card driver.    Many years after that I found out her number and gave her a call.  She was as cold as ice.  My feelings are still there.  I still miss her.  She told me it's over.  I told her that feelings don't turn off like a light switch.  

    Apparently they do, hers did.   The feelings of the man the woman from the dating show was complaining about apparently did as well.  She was wrong to blame all men for having feelings that turn off instantly because of her experience with one man.  I am living proof of that.  

    Too often people draw negative generalizations about the opposite sex based on an experience with someone they are dating.  That hurts them in the future when they look for someone else.  It's much harder to fall in love with someone if one has preconceived negative beliefs about their sex.


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