Airing Dirty Laundry:

    If you want to damage your relationship with your boyfriend air your dirty laundry in public.  In fact air the dirty laundry while he is with you.  Tell his friends that you and he are going out to dinner with, about all the bad things he has done to you or will do to you.  Tell embarassing sexual details of his behavior.  Argue with him in front of them. 

    These are all obvious things not to do if one wants to have a good relationship but people do it!  Especially when they are unhappy with their boyfriend.  I know a woman who got back at her boyfriend that way.   If people are very angry with their partner they may not have the self control to keep it bottled up in front of friends.

    Sometimes partners confide personal information about themselves.  It is the duty of the other partner to keep that information secret no matter how he or she feels about that partner.

    Public humiliation of one's partner can be a death blow to a relationship.  Each partner has a responsibility to protect the privacy of their partner and to protect the details of their relationship from the public especially the details of problems with their relationship.  Each partner has the responsibility not to humiliate their partner no matter how angry they are and no matter how much contempt they have for their partner.  Each partner has a responsibility to show respect for the other partner.  If they feel contempt then they should break off the relationship but should still protect the privacy of their partner.

    If their partner is physically abusive that's a different story.  In that case they should tell the police.  It's important to keep in mind that physical abuse is often a response to emotional abuse.  

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