Pretty Girls are Dangerous


    The following are all experiences I have had.  There was an attractive girl at work who took a liking to me and used to bake me cookies.  As time went on she started kissing me.  One day I tried to reciprocate and put my arm around her.  She went to my supervisor and accused me of harassing her.  Years later I applied again for a job at the same institution.  She had left the institution many years ago but her friend was still there.  That friend told people that I had harassed her.  I had never had anything to do with her friend. 

    I was engaged to an attractive girl who had various problems and I tried to help.  She did not appreciate my efforts to help.  Although I don't want to get in specifics here one can understand the situation by considering a similar one in which one's partner is taking recreational drugs and one tries to stop her.  She won't appreciate it.  She went to my job and made accusations against me and made accusations to the police that I was harassing her. 

    She left me for someone else.  Anyone in their right mind would have stayed away from her but because of her beauty and because we had had a passionate relationship I didn't and she considered that harassment and that made her even more hostile so at that point I came to my senses and stayed away from her.  Passionate love is here today and gone tomorrow and once it's gone woe to he that tries to communicate with the girl who has left him.

    Recently I received instructions from my job on what my obligations are if I am told that an employee is harassing another employee.  I must report it whether or not I think there is any truth to it.  Why?  Because the disgruntled employee can sue my company for not doing anything to stop her from being harassed. 

    If a woman is younger than you by a substantial amount than showing sexual interest is considered disgraceful by many people.  I was interested in a young college girl while I was an older graduate student and experienced that.  I once was with a teenage girl who pressed my hand in an affectionate way.  I made the mistake of pressing her hand back and now her mother and she will have nothing to do with me.  I am lucky I was not charged with molesting a minor and so on.

   In my opinion women are the most physically attractive when they are between 15 and 25.  Men of all ages find that age range the most attractive.  That's why rich older men often date or marry younger women.  A case in point is 84 year old Hugh Hefner who if he's still alive in June 2011 will marry Crystal Harris.  Men find that their wives are less attractive than when they married them and less friendly as well and when the opportunity of a pretty young thing comes along many jump and get into a lot of trouble as a result.

    We live in a society where people will tend to believe a woman when she says she is being harassed by a man.  When you have a consensual sexual relationship with a woman you are one step away from a harassment lawsuit.  Even just expressing sexual interest puts one at risk for harassment charges. 

    Sexual relationships are risky for other reasons as well such as diseases.  It is unfortunate that one of the most beautiful things in the world is so dangerous.  There is a dual nature of the world and this is one example of that duality.


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