A flirting quiz that appeared on MSN on 6/27/00 asked:

You've just arrived at a singles dance, and right off the bat, a geek invites you onto the floor. Your best move is to accept.

Answer1: Five points for true, according to Sharyn Wolf's Guerrilla Dating Tactics. Why? Because other guys are watching. And if there's one thing men are terrified of, it's being shot down. Taking a turn with the geek may wound your pride, but turning him down could cost you an invitation from someone more desirable who's unwilling to risk rejection. "It's almost always better," advises Wolf, "to be the person who says yes."

Answer2: Five points for false.  I can think of reasons why accepting could be harmful.  Sharyn is assuming that after you dance with that ugly geek he's going to walk away and allow some handsome hunk to dance with you.  You might be the first girl ever to to dance with that ugly geek.  Chances are he will stick to you like glue after the dance and the handsome hunk across the room will think you are taken and look for someone who is more available.  The handsome hunk may also avoid dancing with you in order to avoid conflict with the geek you danced with or if he's really nice, to give the geek a chance to find someone.  On the other hand if you're friendly to geeks you may find that there's more beneath the surface than geekdom.  Also just because you're interested in the handsome hunk across the room doesn't mean he's interested in you. 

   I really don't know what is the best answer to the question above.  Both Answers 1 and 2 have seemingly valid reasons.  I do know that it is important to know how to dance and I'm not referring to just knowing how to jerk around one's body at a rock dance.  I once paid for the services of a matchmaker who set me up with several ordinary looking and uninteresting women.  Then one day she gave me the number of a women who I hit if off with on the phone.  I drove to meet her at a ritzy restaurant and when I saw her I couldn't believe my eyes.  She was beautiful.   We had dinner together and after dinner she wanted to waltz.  I avoided dancing because I didn't know how.  She didn't want to continue with me after that date.  I don't know if dancing would have saved us but I am sure that my unwillingness to dance made a bad impression.

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