Should I Tell Him?


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There is a song called Johnny Angel in which a girl expresses her feeling for a boy she has a crush on, a boy who has no idea she feels that way about him.  The words are:


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Johnny Angel
how I love him
How I tingle when he passes by
Everytime he says hello
My heart begins to fly.

Johnny Angel
how I want him
He's got something that I can't resist
But he doesn't even know that I exist.

I'm in heaven,
I get carried away
I dream of him and me
and how it's gonna be
Other fellows
call me up for a date
But I sit and wait.
I'd rather concentrate On Johnny Angel

Cause I love him
And I pray that someday he'll love me
And together will see how lovely heaven will be

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    Ladies, many boys as well as men are clueless, yes I tell you this as a Y chromosome carrying member of the male sex.  We haven't a clue.  If you are pining away for us don't expect us to figure it out. 

    If you are afraid that telling us will scare us off or cause us to lose interest  that may be true if we are not feeling the same way.  Sometimes it's best if people don't come on too strong.     It's probably best to compromise between coming on too strong and saying nothing.  If you never tell a man how you feel he may never know and you may lose the opportunity to date the man of your dreams.

    I have been afraid to tell women how I feel about them, and one very attractive woman who I had a crush on and who is now in a relationship with someone else, told me that I should have told her my feelings.  Maybe women are clueless too.


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