I started the beep method partly as a joke but now my fiancee keeps saying "Hey this is really working" and we have fought a lot less since we started using it.  I had the idea for the beep method when I realized that we often were hurting each other without realizing it.  We'd build up anger toward each other after we felt hurt and take it out on each other eventually.  In order to prevent this from happening I suggested to my fiancee that every time I was hurting her she give off a beep and that I would do likewise everytime she hurt me.  To my surprise she started giving off a lot of beeps when I didn't expect her to.  Every time I beeped she would say sorry and give me a hug or a kiss so I started to do the same.  The only problem with this method is sometimes my fiancee forgets that we are in public and beeps in front of other people. 


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