When people are unsuccessful in dating they often build up anger toward the opposite sex and to life in general.  I have two friends a man and a woman who are full of anger.  This bottled up anger affects their behavior and it is very likely that it is preventing them from being successful with the opposite sex.  One way I've seen it affect the man is that he loses his temper quickly.  It can be quite frightening to be around someone like that.  A girl who went on a date with him once told me how several times he became furious at her.  Needless to say she doesn't want a romantic relationship with him.  He gets worked up very quickly for little reason and that when he does the volume of his voice goes up and he practically shouts.  I haven't observed how anger affects my woman friend's dating behavior but talking to her is a drain on me as she expresses her anger at life, men and at God to me.  I could certainly see how she could lose friends as a result. 

   Both of my friends are caught in a vicious cycle of anger and rejection.

    To become successful at dating it's important to let go of one's anger.  Some approaches to doing this are discussed on another page on this web site.


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