Beauty is only skin deep
But nobody dates someone without skin


    A lot of people feel that in a relationship they should be accepted for what they are and that their partner should not try and change them.  When I tried to get my girlfriend to lose weight for example other people told me and her that I should accept her the way she is.  She was told that I was being mean to her. 

    The irony of this is that many people who believe there should be unconditional acceptance in a relationship have stringent criteria regarding who they will commit to in a relationship or even to whom they will date at all.   In fact that is probably one of the reasons that there are so many middle aged single people who never got married.  They won't accept each other.  They want something better.

    Many of us should to be less critically judgemental of each other.  That does not imply however that we are obligated to accept self destructive behaviors by our partners.


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