The Palestinian Arabs and the Israelis both claim Israel as theirs.  One way to evaluate these claims is to ask what would happen if the land was in Palestinian Arab control and what would happen if it was under Israeli control.  The Israeli government when it uprooted Israelis living in Gaza knew the answer.  They knew that they couldn't leave Jews in Gaza because they all would be killed.  They also knew they couldn't even leave dead Jews there, they uprooted the cemeteries and moved the bodies because they knew the graves would be desecrated.  Once the Arabs controlled the once green and lovely Israeli villages in Gaza they turned them quickly into desert rocket launching pads against Israelis in the part of Israel they didn't have control over  yet.

    When Israel controlled Judea and Samaria the standard of living of the Arabs improved.  Of course the Arabs became more radicalized and violent and as they gained more and more control of areas and then their standard of living deteriorated again despite huge infusions of money from Europe and the United States.  The corrupt leadership kept a large part of the money and the amount they didn't keep was spent on weapons. 

   Israel is struck and then strikes back and then withdraws.  Each time the Muslim Arabs get stronger and more dangerous than before.  The threat of a second Holocaust increases when Muslim Arabs are in control of the lands surrounding Israel.  For more on this see In Defense of Benevolent Imperialism.  Muslim Arab control of Yemen has led to bombs being sent to the U.S. on airplanes from Yemen.  Muslim Arab control of Saudi Arabia is why most of the suicide murderers of 9/11 were Saudi.

     The right to land depends to a large part on what those inhabiting the land do with that land.  Israel has a right to the land of all its enemies because they use that land as a base to destroy Israel.

     Another measure of the right to land is how one acquired it.  If one bought it one has more of a right to it than if one conquered it unless one conquered it in self defense.  Much of the land of Israel was bought by Jews from Arab landowners who charged exorbitant prices because the Jews were desperate to buy a place of refugee for their people.  So by this argument to the Jews have a stronger right to the land than the Arabs.

    Territory is important because in addition to giving people space to live, and space to earn a living, it gives them the space they need to defend themselves.  The Jews were unable to effectively defend themselves when they were scattered through Europe during World War II.  They have been able to defend themselves against the onslaughts of multiple Arab Armies when they possessed the land of Israel.  Territory can also be used as a base from which to attack others.  Do the people who use territory in this way forfeit the right to that territory?  I believe that according to international law the answer is yes since a country can legally seize territory from an aggressor in a war of self defense.

     One argument the Jews have for ownership of Israel is that they were there before the Arabs.  The American Indians have the same argument for ownership of America.  Would it be right then for the American Indians to kill whites and chase them out of America?  Being a white American I don't think so.  My right to life supersedes their right to the land I occupy I believe.  On the other hand the American Indians have the right to compensation for what was taken away from them and they have a right to land in America.

    In Kosovo the Serbs are evicting the ethnic Albanians (I write this paragraph on April 30, 1999).  The ethnic Albanian population grew in Serbia to the point where they dwarfed the Serb population 9 to 1.  In addition to rapid population growth and emigration from Albania, the ratio grew large because the Albanians drove out Serbs.   Does that justify the actions of Milosovec and the Serbs?  Did the Albanians forfeit their right to live in Kosovo when they used it as a base to drive out the Serbs?   Did Milosovec and the Serbs forfeit their right to Kosovo by driving out the ethnic Albanians.



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