Religious Doctrine


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Believe that God hates the non-believers and wants one to enslave or kill them.


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Attack the Non-believers.

Become enraged at the non-believers for killing Muslims and hate them.   Consider the non-believers to be the oppressors of Muslims. 

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Non-believers fight back.

  One's friends and fellow Muslims get hurt or killed by defensive actions of the non-believers.  

    A classic example of such "creation of oppression" occurred in Baghdad when American soldiers raided a mosque seizing a large cache of explosives. 

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   The American soldiers were simply trying to protect themselves by seizing the explosives yet this was seen as an example of American aggression and oppression by Iraqi Muslims.  According to the New York Post 1/3/2004,

Hundreds of Sunni worshippers gathered at the al-Tabool mosque in a rage filled protest yesterday.

"American soldiers entered the mosque with their shoes on and with machine guns in their hands," said the imam, Adulsatar al-Janabi, claiming that troops "trampled on the holy Koran."

Protesters screamed and cried, chanting "God is great" and America is the enemy of God."

  Abul Kasem has compiled a list of actions Muslims consider oppressive.  Just some of these are:

* The infidels enact laws to prevent polygamy; Muslims could no longer acquire four wives at any time. This surely is a gross violation of Islamic rights of Muslim men to acquire four wives at any time, guaranteed by the Qur’an.

* Kafirs deport/cancel visa of firebrand clerics who exhort, in Friday congregations, jihad and murder of the infidels. Read above why Islam is oppressed for such an action of the Kafir.

* The Kafirs’ law court incarcerates Islamic rapists, but, who, according to Islam, has the inalienable right to have unlimited sex with infidel women, no question asked.

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