Although suits may help in some situations, there are plenty of Dating Gods who don't wear them.  I remember one such deity who dressed casually, in fact he had long hair.  One day when I had succeeded in persuaded an attractive girl to come to my bedroom I pounced (I tried to give her a hug).  She pushed me away saying that she wasn't interested and then asked me if I had his number. She then proceded to call him on my phone. Talk about pain.

   Maybe the secret to joining the pantheon of Dating Gods is to grow one's hair long.  It brings out the rabid worshiping rock fan in women and makes you the rock star.  Of course growing your hair long is likely to cause trouble with the woman who is always in your life (your mother).  What a mysterious transformation girls undergo when they become mothers.  God knows what they were like when they were teeny-boppers.   They were probably screaming their desire at long haired guitar players in rock concerts.   How soon they forget.  The one thing that doesn't change as they get older is their female inconsistency.   On the one hand they want you to get married and on the other hand they tell you to cut your hair.  Anyway I am straying from my very important topic of the secrets of the Dating Gods.

   The long haired Dating God I've been discussing had other female attracting attributes in addition to his long hair. He exuded a joy of living and enthusiasm as well as warmth for everyone.  It's easy for him to be that way, I would be that way too if women treated me the way they treated him.  Maybe in order to become a Dating God one has to have a joy of living even if one is a Dating Disaster.  


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