I have received emails praising this site.  I have included some of them here but have not included the authors of the emails to protect their privacy.  Anyone who would like to have their names included with their comments can publish directly to the bulletin board


Dear Sir,

I came across your site when I was doing some reading
on Islam, and I must say it is very enlightening to say the least. I
think that you have put together an amazing body of
work that exhibits the highest level of rational
thought on so many important topics.

The humanist views you espouse are very similar, if
not identical to mine. I am very interested in trying
to propagate these views to the masses, especially the
threat that Islam poses to the modern secular western
democratic state. It is still not too late for people
to be educated and for us to act.

I would very much enjoy your input on this subject and
hope that you will correspond with me. I look forward
to hearing from you.

Yours truly,


I am so happy I ran into this site.  Thank you for your help to others. 


Karl Ericson:

Thank YOU for posting the site. I am back to researching ways to overcome the negative thinking that perpetuates depression...and reading the site and many of the links helped me shift back out of All or Nothing thinking...your work lifted a human being out of suffering yesterday... and you should know that...thank you.


May 6, 02

I am a 10th grader at Upper St. Clair High School in Pittsburgh, PA. Currently, I am working on a research paper regarding messengers as a theme in the book night. I was contacting you to seek your approval for a citation in you "beliefhold" essay. I applaud your work to the greatest degree, and would like to know how to include your article in the biblography.
Thank you very much


Subject: Excellent Site !!!!!

I thank you sincerely for all the valuable information you present. It is invaluable. If there is anything I can return the favor, just give me a holler! good luck and a job well done!

gratefully yours,

The following comments refer to a page I included from the Wall Street Journal called Hillary's Abused Husband.

Subject: I love what you say

     I love that one line, alone...if we believe that we are all 'sick', we deserve a sick President!  Right you are.  I am sick and tired, myself, with the way people are using excuses to get away with murder.  I have always been responsible for my own actions, and I wouldn't want it any other way.       I don't point fingers at someone else, when I've done something wrong. If I'm the one who did something wrong, how could I possibly make someone else believe it was 'their fault'?   But, boy!  Hillary does it 'bigtime' and everyone just clucks and titters over this 'most intelligent' woman.  If she were so damn intelligent, her first step, after Monica, would have been to throw the 'bum' out, but in this case, she would have had to go, instead, being as she's NOT the president, however much she thinks she is.

       Gee, ya think it was because she wanted to preserve her retirement as first lady, had anything to do with it?  If I were her, that wouldn't have mattered, truly, it wouldn't have.  My sanity, more than money COMES FIRST!! How greedy, even our intelligent, lying, dysfunctional first lady can be. Man!  If this is what's left for our children to see as role models, we're in GIANT TROUBLE!!      As bad as a sport's hero is, I would rather the sport's hero be the role model than Hillary, and I can't stand them, either.   Poor excuse for role models, when most of them have an attitude problem.   Beating up their wives, landing in jail, doing drugs, raping women, outrunning the police, etc.  Real wonderful role models.  What can I say?  News stories reveals itself.      Anyway, thanks for allowing me my views on the matter.  Keep up the great work!  It's wonderful!

Karl,     Your site is really outstanding and contains a lot of very good information.  I've really enjoyed reading through it.   I'd like to make one suggestion concerning the social skills section and asking questions.  You are right on the money about asking questions because that gets the girl talking about her favorite subject, herself (or the guy as the case may be), but I've found that the best combination of questions is a question and then a meta question pair, like "Whats your major?" "Psychology... what is it about psychology that makes you enjoy it?".  I realize this a simple NLP eliciting values technique, but even if you don't start feeding the values back to the other person, the meta question almost always increases the amount the person likes you because 1. They've revealed something to you and 2. You cared enough to ask about something very meaningful to them (core value).  

   Another good question is, "You know, I could really use a vacation, somewhere nice.  If you could go anywhere in the world for a week, where would you go?"  Usually you don't need to ask the meta question because the other person will respond as though already did and say something like, "I want to go to Fiji so much.  Just the whole atmoshphere of the South Pacific has such a strong pull on me.  The whole no worries, laying on the hammock and watching the sun set mentality is so me."  I hope that you find this helpful.

Your website seems to contain a certain perspective (and associated raw information) missing from this (USA) society's mass media and collective consciousness in a surprisingly complete set of personal interests of mine.  In the relationships category, the way the issues are presented, rough but complete.  And even in the politics category. For example, the pros and cons of communism and capitalism are spelled out so directly here.  Where else can this be found easily?  It can't. Maybe buried inside an elementary school text, but that's not truly available is it?  Not available when/where it's needed. Thanks to people like you the ivy walls are crumbling.  Also thanks to the internet, of course.  I will be creating a clearer articulation of my point later.


Ok, for each topic on your website, e.g. Cuba, I will think, before even reading the article, I think "Cuba... yeah... I've read a little about it in the LA Times, but when have I ever read a concise synopsis of the Cuba issue, coherent and complete, summed up, and tossed at me?  When has anything I ever read about Cuba ever jumped out at me and landed neatly in my lap?  NEVER!"  The mass media writes with the MEAT of every issue in ASSUMPTION OBLIVION!  As if I am SUPPOSED to already expertly and totally know and understand (be hip to) the freakin issue that they are trying to elaborate on! Then I read your one page synopsis on Cuba and it ALL comes together. Boom.   I consider this an information age breakthrough.  Every page on your site is like this.

These emails were sent on Jan 29, 2000

Subject:  Self Help -> Facing Reality Page

Hi! In the following excerpt from your page, you mention the radio station Arutz-7. I don't know if you're aware of the fact that Arutz-7 is an underground, illegal radio, supported and run by political right wing extremists, and generally not considered a reliable source for any kind of information (for example, they used to refer to the late prime minister Rabin as "traitor" and "murderer" in their broadcasts). Other than that, the information provided seems correct.       

    I find your page truly helpful and a *very* interesting reading. Keep on the excellent work!  

Friday Dec 31, 1999

Authors response: Although Arutz 7 has strong biases their reporting to the best of my knowledge is accurate.

Hi! I took a longer look at your page!  It's great! ... I love that applet where your webrings are, it's beautiful... I will add a link from my winners page asap. Peace be with you, my brother unicorn!

Thursday Nov 25, 1999

Hi, I am very impressed with your site and have found it to be very helpful indeed. Thanks for the fantastic insight you have given me.

Tuesday Nov 9, 1999

Hi, I spent the better part of this evening browsing your excellent website. It's certainly helped confirm some issues. While I didn't get a chance to completely explore the site tonight, it's bookmarked and I will be back. Thanks again

Monday Mar 29, 1999


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