Political Persuasion

     The idea for this web page came to me after I read an outrageous news story about the Zika virus.  The Zika virus creates horrific birth defects and is carried by mosquitos.  Republicans wrote a letter to Obama asking him to support legislation that waived the permit requirement for spraying against mosquitos that is part of the clean water act.

The permit requirement "adds time-consuming, costly red tape that discourages regular aerial spraying for mosquitoes," Republicans wrote. "Pesticides used to kill mosquitoes are already regulated by the [Environmental Protection Agency]."

     The Republican authors of the letter wrote:

If the administration does not work with Congress to address this potentially life-threatening issue, the Zika crisis in Puerto Rico will certainly spread to the continental United States, threatening the health and safety of all Americans, especially women of childbearing age and millions of unborn children,"

Drew Hammill, spokesman for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said:

"This bill has nothing to do with Zika and everything to do with Republicans' relentless special interest attacks on the Clean Water Act.  It will do nothing to stem the growing threat of the Zika virus."

Pelosis approach is to demonize the Republicans.  She doesn't want them to be seen as the party that saved everyone from the Zika virus. 

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