When we pay for oil, we are paying for our own destruction.
Robert Zubrin, the president of Pioneer Astronautics and also president of the Mars Society.

There are many who believe that the West should not fight wars over oil.  Oil is not simply a commodity.  That is clear if we think what would happen if our oil supply was cut off.  How would we get to work?  How would food get transported to our supermarkets or any necessities for that matter.  We have become dependent on oil.  The importance of oil does not stop there.  Oil is the source of the umimaginable wealth of the Muslim countries of the Middle East, wealth that is used to build armies, to amass rockets and missiles, and in the case of Pakistan and Iran, nuclear weapons.  Oil money is what fuels the constant rocket attacks on Israeli civilians, it is what paid for the 9/11 attacks.  Black liquid oil is the blood of Western economies.  Oil buys politicians, fear of an oil boycott controls politicians.  Islamic oil influence has made possible the Islamization of Europe or as Bat Ye’or calls it, Eurabia and may do the same to the United States.  Oil buys influence over the media, so that the media preaches hatred of Israel and America and by doing so gains influence over the minds of men.  Oil makes the media and politicians into Islamic puppets.  Oil is what pays for Islamic charities which are used to recruit people into radical Islam such as illegal Mexican immigrants in the United States. Oil is gaining control of our souls and turning us toward the devil.  I don’t believe in the devil or souls so I speak metaphorically, what I mean is that it turns our minds toward evil by changing our beliefs to coincide with what Muslims want us to believe. The only reason this is true is because radical Islam controls the oil and radical Islam controls the oil because Islam conquered the areas in which the oil was and because they nationalized the oil fields.  In order to stop Islam the oil fields have to be taken away from them.

Oil money sustains North Korea’s weapons industry.  Iranian oil money has been exchanged for rockets from North Korea.  According to the World Tribune, (7/12/06)  western intelligence sources say that Iran has been financing North Korea’s intermediate range ballistic missile program and at least 10 members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps attended the Taepodong-2 intermediate missile launch.  In December 2005, a North Korean ship docked in Bandar Abbas and was said to have unloaded about a dozen intermediate-range missiles. The missiles were identified as a variant of the Russian-origin SS-N-4, which could be fitted with a nuclear warhead.  North Korea is developing long range rockets that potentially threaten the United States and has already developed nuclear weapons. On July, 4th 2006 North Korea test fired 6 missiles including a Taepodong-2 missile capable of reaching the United States.  The Taepodong 2 fell quickly into the water but it is clear that North Korea is working on developing intercontinental missiles with the goal of threatening the United States with nuclear attack.  Rabidly anti-American Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is using Venezuela’s oil wealth to amass an army.  As of July 2006 he plans to visit North Korea probably to purchase from them nuclear weapons. 


China provides oil and other economic assistance to North Korea.


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