The Attack on Freedom in America


Attack of the Gays

    The following is from an email sent out by Mass Resistance. 

The Massachusetts Music Educators Association has published an article warning school music teachers across the state that they must provide “LGBTQ-friendly” classrooms or else risk having a “hostile” climate that impairs students’ academic success and mental health.

The article, published in the Spring 2016 edition of the Massachusetts Music Educators Journal, lays out a list of radical steps that music teachers should take in order to provide a “safe learning environment” for students. These include:

The latest addition to your school's music class.


Notice the extent of totalitarian control here.   Teachers cannot have a performance where girls dress differently than boys.  Teachers have to propagandize for gays in music class.  Teachers have to say words like ze instead of he or she.  Teachers have to change song lyrics to propagandize for gays.

   The excuse and hidden threat is that doing otherwise creates a hostile climate for gays.   If you are a teacher who creates a hostile climate to gays you may get into all sorts of trouble. 

   The people who demand safe spaces have very little concern for the safety of their opponents.  Michelle Malkin wrote an excellent article about the violence of the safe spacers  called Who's Unsafe On Campus?



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