With the large amount of propaganda obfuscating reality how can we determine reality from fantasy when it comes to understanding the world?  One approach we can take is to think of the world as having epicenters of good and evil and examining what influence they have.  The problem we then have is determining what those epicenters are.  We can start with the question of who has the most influence on our beliefs?  Who has the power to mold our beliefs?  The media, the educational system, the groups we join and if we are religious, our religion are all entities that can mold our beliefs.    Who can influence those?  Our government can influence our educational system and if we live in dictatorial countries our government can control the media and manipulate religion.  Likewise religion can manipulate the government.  Other sources of power to influence our belief system are money and control of important natural resources such as oil.  The larger the amount of money a group has, the more it can manipulate the media, the educational system, religion, our government and so on.  Likewise if nations are dependent on a resource a country controls it has power over those nations.  What is a country that controls oil and is an epicenter of wealth?  Saudi Arabia. 


    Saudi Arabia controls most of the mosques in the West because of money.  They fund grants for college professors, with their donations they influence media outlets such as PBS, with their financial assistance to campaigns and presidential libraries or organizations such as that run by former president Jimmy Carter they influence the government, and with their political influence they gain control over what is taught about Islam in Western schools. 


    What do the Saudis want us to believe?  Obviously they want us to hate Israel.  What else do they want us to believe?  They want us to like Islam, in fact they want us to believe that Islam is good, peace-loving and compassionate.  They want us to become Islamic.  What do they want us to think about defensive measures that our government takes against radical Muslims?  They want us to think that our government is wrong and evil to do so. 


    What other powers are there in the world?  China and Russia are emerging powers.  What do they want us to believe? 

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