“No doubt, wherever the right of private property exists, there must and will be inequalities of fortune.
[Since] it is self-evident that […] some persons must have more property than others, it is […] impossible
to uphold freedom of contract and the right of private property without at the same time recognizing as
 legitimate those inequalities of fortune that are the necessary result of the exercise of those rights.”
Coppage v. Kapage Lochner Court


I always wondered why powerful countries fall and one major reason is becoming clear growing dependence on entitlements.  There appears to be an inherent flaw in Democracy in which people vote themselves politicians who will give them entitlements regardless of the debt their country has to get into to pay for it. Europe imported Muslims to pay for their entitlements and as a result is becoming hostage to a growing radical hate filled Muslim population.

According to the  The Daily Telegraph, February 21, 2015 

"ALMOST all of the wannabe terrorists who have snuck out of Australia to join jihadist armies in Iraq and Syria were on the dole or some form of welfare payment, "

Jihadi John and his family milked the British welfare system for years.  There are those who believe that poverty and exploitation is the cause of Islamic radicalism but Jihadi John and his family exploited British generosity and Jihadi John executed infidels anyway..