The Democratic party's primary goal is power.  Importing Muslims and putting them on welfare brings in new voters who will vote Democrat.  Importing Christians is likely to bring in people who will vote Republican especially if they are religious Christians.  Of course admitting their true goals wouldn't look good to the general public and might cost them votes so they wrap their quest for power in the cloak of compassion and diversity and open-mindedness and accuse the Republicans who want to help the beleaguered Christians of religious discrimination. 

Favoring illegal immigration increases the power of the Democrats.  The more people who come in and go on welfare the more people who will vote Democrat.  To hell with the people who have to support them.  Where is the caring and compassion for the people who will be victimized by crime committed by illegals or the future victims of terrorists who come in with the illegals.  Of course the Democrats wrap that lack of compassion for those people with compassion for the poor immigrants.

There are a lot of other examples of this Democratic hypocrisy voter ID being one of them.  Democrats know that those who vote fraudulently and illegal immigrants will vote Democrat so they are against voter ID.  Voter ID is a challenge to Democratic power.  Of course they wrap their outrageous opposition to voter ID with anti-discrimination BS.  

The Democratic party likes to pretend it is the party of compassion and that Republicans are ruthless selfish uncaring greedy monsters.  Yet the Democratic party is for the abortion of unborn babies.  They are for the killing of the weak and innocent.  That is because being for abortion wins them the votes of the large percentage of mothers who want to kill their babies.  Of course they wrap that in the rights of the mother and compassion for single mother so that they can maintain their veneer of compassion.  It's not about compassion.  It is all about power.