The Abortion of the West


In 1974 [Algerian President] Houari Boumedienne, spoke before the General Assembly of the United Nations and said: ‘One day millions of men will leave the southern hemisphere of this planet to burst into the northern one. But not as friends. Because they will burst in to conquer, and they will conquer by populating it with their children. Victory will come to us from the wombs of our women.’” (The Force of Reason, by Orianna Fallaci)

     Brendan Bernhard in a review of Orianna Fallaci's book wrote:

How did Islam go from being a virtual non-factor to a religion that threatens the preeminence of Christianity on the Continent? How could the most popular name for a baby boy in Brussels possibly be Mohammed? Can it really be true that Muslims plan to build a mosque in London that will hold 40,000 people? That Dutch cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam are close to having Muslim majorities?...

[E]ven in British journalist Adam LeBor’s A Heart Turned East (1997), a work of profound, almost supine sympathy for the plight of Muslim immigrants in the West, a London-based mullah is quoted as saying, “We cannot conquer these people with tanks and troops, so we have got to overcome them by force of numbers.” In fact, such remarks are commonplace. Just this week, Mullah Krekar, a Muslim supremacist living in Oslo, informed the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten that Muslims would change Norway, not the other way around. “Just look at the development within Europe, where the number of Muslims is expanding like mosquitoes,” he said. “By 2050, 30 percent of the population in Europe will be Muslim.”

Where are the children of the West?  Why are there so many Muslim children?  The West aborts many of their children and as a result their population shrinks.  In the United States there are about 2 million couples interested in adoption and only about 25000 babies available.  In 2004 over a million abortions were performed in the United States. 

    The west supports Muslims and their children with welfare payments and the Muslims are not aborting babies the way the non-Muslim West is.  One result of Western abortion is the Islamization of the West which in effect is the killing of the West.  The West is killing itself.

    The Islamic attitude toward abortion was explained by Dr. Bilal in a TV series called Discover Islam.

Dr. Bilal: If we look at abortion within the context of controlling population, where it is being encouraged, and where the woman is stated to have a right over her body to determine what takes place in that body, to keep that child or remove that child it is her right, what is generally promoted?. From an Islamic perspective, this is rejected because within her she is [only] nourishing that life, it is not her. It really isn't her. When you go down and look at the actual feotus growing inside of the womb of the woman, the placenta is attached to the wall of the womb of the woman, and etc. but it is not the blood System of the woman inside of that growing child. The blood system of the child comes close to the blood system of the woman and the nutrient transverse that barrier that is between them, one to the other, but the child is a separate entity and has a right. This is where Islam stands for the right to life, the right to protect it. It has a right to grow up and become a living being. So it does not allow the woman to terminate that life because she doesn't want another child, simply because she feels it is inconvenient at this time. But there is a place for abortion, where life of the woman her self is threatened. When you have ectopic pregnancies, the child is growing in the fallopian tubes, if the child grows to termination it will kill her. So in that circumstance Yes it may be removed.

Hisham: But [in] other than these circumstances that you have mentioned Dr. Bilal, abortion is another word for killing.

Dr. Bilal: It is another form of killing. From an Islamic perspective it is the killing of a human life when the child, the fetus has grown beyond the fourth month, this when the soul according to Islamic theology, is introduced into the child. The child now becomes a living being. Prior to that it is living but living an animal life. That state it is even prohibited, because killing [even] an animal is prohibited in Islam, unless it is for hunting for food, or for protection oneself, or taking its skin to clothe ourselves, protect ourselves etc. Just killing for sport or for no valid reason, Islam will prohibit it.

    A web page that links Islamic population growth to the prohibition of abortion is called Demographic Global Growth of Islam.  A discussion of Islamic law and abortion can be found here.

   A good web page about the rationalizations that cut down non population growth can be found here.




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