We know that we have awareness and consciousness and that animals do to.  Trees are very different than us but they are alive, do they have some kind of consciousness?  We know that trees produce the oxygen we need to breath and that we produce carbon dioxide which trees need for life.  Could there be a similar cycle in the consciousness dimension? Consciousness is a great mystery.  We know how to make machines that do calculations faster than we can do them, we know how to make machines do logic and beat us in chess but we don't know how to make machines aware or conscious of what they're doing.   We know that stimulation of certain areas of the brain will elicit certain emotions such as fear but we don't know how the connection is made to awareness of fear and some firing neurons.  Something else is out there besides the machinery that makes us who we are, and it's quite likely the same applies for plants and trees.  Just as their is a mutual dependence in the physical world maybe there is one in the consciousness dimension, maybe if all the trees are killed something we will start to run out of consciousness?  Maybe there's not connection but you never know.


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