In the duality section I mentioned how for a mountain to exist a valley has to exist as well.  For love to exist there has to be a need for love.  In physics when you raise an object your are increasing it's potential energy because the higher it is the further and faster it will fall. 

Increasing potential is not restricted to physics.  For example, software that allows us to access the internet also allows others on the internet to access us.   When we plant wheat we create the potential for the wheat fungus to kill all that wheat.  When we advance science we create the potential to do good or bad with science.

When you cure diseases so people can live longer the quality of their life may go down as they get older. The percentage of people on this planet suffering from old age problems goes up as you cure them. You created the potential for more problems as you solved other problems. 

Beautiful women in this world age and often become ugly.  Beautiful flowers wither and become ugly.  Is there any escape from this?

When Einstein and other members of the Manhattan project developed nuclear weapons they did it to stop Nazi Germany.  The weapons they developed for good have the potential of being used for evil and are proliferating around the globe.  The radical Muslims of Iran are about to mass produce these weapons.  Nuclear missiles were once called peacekeepers because the threat of mutually assured destruction prevented war but more and more they are threatening to start a world war. 

    Whenever we create something beautiful we create the potential for that beautiful thing to be destroyed.  When we bring children into the world we create the potential that bad things might happen to those children.  When we send charity to poor countries that charity often is used by governments for weapons.  If it does reach the people it can lead to dependence on that charity.  Welfare which is designed to help the poor leads to an explosion of poor people and lots of social problems.   Can we do good at all?  



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