If we try and imagine what heaven would be like if there was one we can gain a better understanding of why our world is the way it is.  There'd be no crime so there'd be no need for police or judges.  There'd be no garbage and no need for garbage collectors.  Everyone would have palatial residences and there would be no need for construction workers or realtors.  Nothing would ever need to be repaired so there would be no need for plumbers, or electricians.  There'd be no need to learn a trade.  Nobody would be sick so there would be no doctors or research scientists discovering cures for diseases.  There would be no school, there'd be no reason to learn because everyone would know everything, there would be no teachers.  There would be no ignorance so no one would have to study.  Everyone would be well fed.  There would be no need to plant or to till there would be no need to farm.  All the jobs we have would be unnecessary.  There would be no need to make any effort to do anything everyone would be happy all the time and have no needs whatsoever.  There would be no need to give love, or to be a friend because, everyone would feel loved.  There would be no need to help, no one would need help. There's be no need to make beautiful things because everything would be so beautiful.   There'd be no reason to be good because everything would be so good, there'd be no need for kindness because everyone is so happy there'd be no such things as loyalty and trust because that there would be no temptation to be disloyal or untrustworthy.

What a boring meaningless and awful place heaven would be.  Nobody would have any reason to do anything.  They'd be like vegetables with no reason to move anywhere, talk to anyone, have a relationship with anyone.  There would be no purpose to existing.  There'd be nothing to accomplish because there would be no need for anything.  

The truth is that the things that make life heavenly require that there be need, friendship requires a need for friends, kindness requires a need for kindness and bravery requires danger, loyalty requires temptation to be disloyal and so on. 

Black cannot exist without white, the good things in life can't exist without at least some kind of need for those good things.  

We can think of existence is made up of dimensions.  We know the dimensions of distance in x y and z directions.  Time can be considered another dimension.  Color can be considered a dimension in which white and black are the two extremes.  Up requires that there be a down, to conquer a steep mountain requires that the mountain be difficult to climb.  To be good there has to be bad to accomplish there has to be need.

It may be that for heaven to exist hell must exist as well.  Our earth has both and it may be that our earth has to be that way. 

This raises a difficult question which is why do good at all if the world is always going to have bad in it and if it always must have bad in it for good to exist?  Also if we make the world a better place than doesn't it become more like that awful heaven I was discussing earlier in which life becomes meaningless?  Can we really make the world a better place?  When researchers cure diseases so people can live longer healthier lives the population of old people with aches and pains increases.  Is that good?  The cost of medical care skyrockets.  Is that good?  My feeling is that we must strive to make the world a better place but I don't feel I have a good answer to these questions.

Another question it raises is do we really go to heaven when we die or is death simply a dimensionless nonexistence?




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