The Equations of the Universe


The first equation comes from noticing how evenly the world seems to be split between good and evil.  The second from how it oscillates between good and bad over time.  These equations also come from physics.  There seems to be a symmetry.  For every proton there is an electron or an equivalent.  For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Relativity means that for every object moving left there is one relative to it moving right.  All the above leads to the first equation.  The second equation is clearly an oversimplification (the first one may be as well) and comes from both philosophy and physics as well.  One physics theory postulates that the Universe alternates between inflation and contraction.  Waves oscillate and even the electron clouds in matter can be thought of as a standing oscillating wave.  One can also observe oscillations in other things for example mankind may get the upper hand on bacteria by developing antibiotics but soon bacteria develops resistance to antibiotics.  One can think of an oscillation as an increasing opposing force to displacement.  As medicine increases longevity and quality of life the opposing force of increased disease with age as well as increased costs decreases the quality of life.  When things are good in society they don't stay that way, forces develop that bring trouble. 

There are laws in general that we can't escape such as everything that lives dies.  We can't escape that when we give more and more benefits to people we get more and more dependent people who if we cut off their benefits are likely to be violent.  We can't escape that if we appease that results in more violence.  If we pay for the release of hostages there will be more hostages.  If we put more money into outstretched hands there will be more outstretched hands.  If we eliminate all polluting we destroy the economy. 


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