One of the strangest contrasts is the treatment by the West of the Jews and the Muslims.  The Jews throughout most of European history have been persecuted in Europe.  The Muslims despite their acts of terror murder and intimidation or perhaps because of it are treated very well. 

The Jews were considered by the Church to be a threat to Church power because they didn't believe Church doctrine.  That is probably why stories of the Jews being responsible for the killing of Jesus were fabricated to begin with. 

Muslims are clearly a threat to Europe but Europe appeases them instead of persecuting them.  Muslims have brought their Jew hatred with them to Europe and are increasing non-Muslim hatred of Jews.  European efforts to appease Muslim hostility to the Jews results in Europe turning against Israel in addition to expressing hostility toward Jews. 

Why the difference in treatment of Jews and Muslims by secular and Christian Europeans.  Why the persecution of Jews and the appeasing behavior toward Muslims when Muslims are the real threat and Jews never were a threat?  The answer probably is because the Muslims are a threat.  The infidel is scared of the Muslim.  The infidel was not scared of the Jews  The Jews have always been a convenient powerless scapegoat.



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