In addition to in Afghanistan, the battle with militant Islam is being waged on the Internet in the press and in academia. One individual who is engaged in battle on the web is Ali Sina the creator of a web site called Rational Thinking. He explained the purpose of his site as follows:

This site scrutinizes Islam with Rational Thinking. It rejects time-honored beliefs that cannot stand the probing of reason. It asks questions and encourages independent thinking. It promotes unity of humankind, equality between men and women, abolition of prejudices and freedom from dogmatism and blind faith.

The reason I think Islam is harmful and must go is not due to the fact that Quran says Earth is flat or the stars are missiles that Allah fires at the genies who climb the heaven to eavesdrop the conversation of the exalted assembly. These tales could even amuse us. Islam must go because it teaches hate, it orders killing the non-Muslims, it denigrates women and it violates human rights. Islam must go not because it is false but because it is destructive, because it is a danger; a threat to peace and security of humankind. With the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in Islamic countries, Islam has become a serious and a real threat to the survival of our civilization.

His site was shut down by his service provider, Tripod. When he asked Tripod for the reason he received the standard reply:

The account that you brought to our attention was found to be in violation of our Terms of Service and will therefore not be reinstated to our servers.

Mr. Sina's reply to Tripod reveals the danger he faces as a result of his efforts.

I did not violate your terms of agreement and I do not want to use your services any more. As an ethical humanist I would like to work with ethical people. I am constantly receiving death threats by the Islamic goons who kill and destroy everything in their path inspired by the overgrown cult of Islam and the explicit mandates of their prophet Muhammad that told them to kill. I have withstood all forces of darkness and endured all sorts of insults but have pushed forward reason above blind faith and fanaticism. I am in the top of their hit list. There are people in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran and Pakistan who want to kill me.

He reposted his site on only to have a campaign against his web site again.

This January the web site Islam Exposed was closed down after a flood of complaints by angry Moslems. Solomon Tulbure created this site to provide a forum for people to express criticisms of Islam. American Communications the company which hosted Mr. Tulbure's site shut it down. The CEO, of American Communications, Eric Desroches explained what happened. (Excerpted from correspondances 1/23/02 and 1/24/02)

Our upstream provider and we received many complaints from many people requesting the site to be removed. At first, we thought no big deal, those are just people who like to argue and we will (try to at least) defend Freedom of Speech. But after a while, our upstream provider (and we too) started to fear Denial of Service attacks from people who wanted to see the site taken down. You know, if a guy asks us to remove the site, we decline and he decides to launch a Denial of Service attack against the network, then that would be bad. Then, our upstream provider received a complaint from Visa asking us to remove a Visa logo from the website (it was a Donate Now Paypal image with a Master Card and Visa logo on it) or else they (our upstream provider) would have to cut the server where was on from the network. So, obviously, people haven't only complained to us and our upstream provider but also to Visa and whoever else.

Complaints, fear for the equipment, etc (I remember, a while back, some cyber-terrorists were bomb-emailing and spamming people trying to make it look like if it came from were the reason the site was closed down.

Mr. Tulbure the creator of the site has been receiving death threats from angry Moslems. Inspite of this he published a new book on Islam. Mr. Tulbure wrote what happened next:

My Life Threatened by Islamic Brotherhood:
After receiving numerous death threats after publishing my book and website (IslamExposed.Com) I begun to receive numerous death threats posted on my website IslamExposed.Com and via email. Later my website was hacked into and brought down two times and another two times it was shut down by two ISP after they begun to receive death threats.

Then, after publishing my book "President G.W. Bush is a Moron: Islam Is NOT Peace" I started to receive hundreds of death threats per week. Then the anonymous phone calls begun at all hours day and night. I contacted the authorities and was told that there is nothing they could do until someone actually does something.

3 days ago I received and email which said, "we will meet soon" and yesterday, while pumping gasoline in my car I was approached by a young lady dressed in business attire. She was holding a map wide open and came and pretended to ask me for directions. As I started to give her directions, she said to me, with a strong (German?) accent, "Please act normal as I have a message for you. The Islamic Brotherhood will try to kill you. The Iranian intelligence people are helping them track you down.
I will thank you for your directions then act like nothing happened."

I finished pumping my gas moments after she started walking away, and I noticed the vehicle she got into had diplomatic license plates. This is when I realized that the death threats I have been receiving were serious, at least most of them.  I did not pay any attention to them when I first started getting them because I thought that after what happened here 9-11 I did not think anyone of Middle Eastern looks would be so bold as to try anything of this sort, while I knew, somehow, that after the book was published I should consider changing my name again and move.

Now, with the help of the authorities I have obtained a new and somewhat secret identity and hope I will be safe, as best I can. However, if my family will not hear from me within 3-6 months, then everyone should know that something terrible has happened to me.

Kind regards,

Dr. Solomon Tulbure (no longer my real name)

The web site "The Islamic Threat and the Enemy Within" was shut down by freeserve but the author wrote:

I will not be silenced and its back and bigger than ever.

The BBC has been very anti-Israel and partly as a result, England has become anti-Israel as well.  The above web site has a web page called Islam in the Media which describes how the BBC actually promotes the Moslem Religion.  This leads one to  which leads one to wonder how much control Moslems have gained over the BBC.  The author writes:

The BBC's local radio stations and regional online sites have really gone to town on Islam UK, with information and features about their local communities" - Islam on the BBC   (their words)  No mention of their enthusiasm towards other faiths.   There are even sections for  people who want to convert to Islam... There are BBC websites which glorify Islam among these are Asian Life and Asian Network...It is not just the BBC however that is pedaling Islam, on British Digital Satellite there are a number of dedicated Islamic news and entertainment channels that anyone can watch, listed on the EPG (Electronic Program Guide).  These include the most infamous News Channel in the World, Middle-eastern based "Bin Laden TV" or Al-Jazeera -674, Muslim TV (News and Islam reading)-675, Bangla TV (entertainment channel)- 679, Ary Digital (24 hour Pak news channel)- 680.  When I want to watch Fox news I have to put the frequency in manually.

People who have exposed terrorist Islamic networks in the United States have also come under attack. In the mid 90s The Dallas Morning News published articles by Steve McGonigle and others who wrote extensively on the paper trail between the Holy Land Foundation and Hamas and about how The Holy Land Foundation, was providing funding for the families of "martyrs." Steve Frisinger in correspondance wrote what happened next.

We have been sued by Islamic organizations. We have been picketed by Islamic organizations. We published breaking news investitative reports about the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development here in Richardson without let up, including at several investigative pieces AFTER the Holy Land Foundation sued us. They have threatened a new suit based upon the post-Sept. 11 reporting we did on them

   Arab groups are pressuring newspapers as of 4/24/02 to drop the columnist Cal Thomas.  The LA Times dropped Cal Thomas.  Steven Emerson also investigated the terror networks in the United States and warned about the danger they present. On February 24, 1998 Steven Emerson warned that:

The foreign terrorist threat in the United States is one of the most
important issues we face.... We now face distinct possibilities of mass
civilian murder the likes of which have not been seen since World War II.

On May 31, 2001 he warned:

Al Qaeda is ... planning new attacks on the US.... [It has] learned,
for example, how to destroy large buildings.... Al Qaeda and other terrorist
groups ... have silently declared war on the US; in turn, we must fight them
as we would in a war.

After the first attack on the World Trade Center, Steve Emerson wrote a documentary " Jihad in America" warning about the militant Islamic networks in this country.

Emerson told a congressional committee in 1998 about what happened then:

One morning, in late 1995, I was paged by a federal law-enforcement official. When I returned the call, this official immediately instructed me to head downtown to his office and specifically directed me to take a taxi rather than my car. The urgency in this person's voice was palpable. When I arrived at the office, I was ushered into a room where a group of other law-enforcement officials was waiting. Within minutes, I found out why I had been summoned: I was told a group of radical Islamic fundamentalists had been assigned to carry out an assassination of me. An actual hit team had been dispatched from another country to the United States. The squad, according to the available intelligence, was to rendezvous with its American-based colleagues located in several U.S. cities. Compounding the jolt of being told about this threat was an additional piece of information: the assassination squad had been successfully able to elude law-enforcement surveillance.

The danger he faces has not stopped Mr. Emerson. He has just come out with an alarming book called American Jihad: The Terrorists Living among Us

   Aaron Cohen of the Jubilee Freedom Foundation ( told the New York Post (Oct 18, 2001) how there is a fatwa against him because of his campaign to stop Muslims in the north of Sudan from enslaving the Christian/animist tribes in the south.  He learned of the fatwa after returning from a fact-finding mission to Sudan where he videotaped exidence of slavery and gave his footage to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  Soon after Cohen's name appeared on a death list in an extremist publication linked to al Qaeda.  He has changed his name. 

Taslima Nasrin is a heroic author and physician who had a fatwa issued against her and who lives in hiding.  A price was put on her head by her country's "holy men" in 1993 after she wrote a novel, Shame (Lajja), about the plight of Hindus under Moslem order. Following pressure by the militant Moslems, the government brought criminal charges against her for defaming the Moslem faith. 'Thousands in Bangladesh demonstrated regularly, sometimes daily, to demand her death.  She wrote a syndicated column in which she publicized atrocities against women including the execution in 1993 of a twenty-one-year-old woman at the behest of a local mullah. Declaring the young woman's second marriage a violation of Islamic law, the mullah gathered the villagers together. First burying her waist deep in a pit, they stoned her with more than one hundred stones. Attacks escalated against women and the schools serving them. In 1992, mobs descended on bookstores carrying Taslima's writings.

   Naslima, Emerson and Mr. Cohen are still living. Others have not been so lucky. Makin Morcos an Egyptian, was hunted down and killed by Islamic assassins in Australia for criticizing the Muslim anti-Christian campaign in his native country. Rashad Khalifa, a biochemist from Egypt living in Tucson, Arizona, was stabbed to death in January 1990 to silence him.

Incredibly the forces of political correctness have allied themselves with militant Moslems in the effort to silence those who speak out against them. Steve Emerson was banned from speaking on National Public Radio. "You have my promise he won't be used again," producer Ellen Silva wrote to Ali Abunimah of the American Arab Action Network. "It is NPR policy." Teachers and students in schools and Universities are afraid to speak out against Islam because of politically correct punishments they face if they do. Deborah Schwartz has been charged by the Board of Ed with "verbal corporal punishment" because she told her second-graders that Arabs destroyed the World Trade Center. She may lose her license to teach as a result. Mrs. Schwartz said students have called her a "killer of Arab children," That slur went unpunished.

  Professor Kenneth Hearlson was of Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California made statements his Muslim students did not approve of. They accused him of calling them "terrorists".  A transcript of the taped discussion reveals that Hearlson never accused any of his students of being terrorists. He was kicked off campus anyway.

    Mr. Kebede, a naturalized American born in Ethiopia, was studying in a library at San Diego State University on Sept. 22 when a nearby conversation caught his attention. Four Saudi Arabian students were speaking Arabic, which Mr. Kebede speaks fluently, and discussing their pleasure at the massacre of September 11. "They were very pleased," Mr. Kebede later told the campus newspaper. "They were happy. And they were regretting missing the 'Big House.' "

    When Mr. Kedebe could stand it no longer, he approached them. "Guys, what you are talking is unfair," he later recalled saying in Arabic. "How do you feel when those five to 6,000 people are buried in two or three buildings? They are the rubble or they became ash. And you are talking about the action of bin Laden and his group. You are proud of them. You should have to feel shame."

    A heated exchange followed, after which Mr. Kebede finally returned to his table. The September 11-celebrating Saudis, exchange students whose only regrets stem from the continued existence of the White House (or U.S. Capitol), reported Mr. Kebede to the campus police. And the wheels of political correctness automatically began to turn.

    Mr. Kebede went before the university's Orwellian-named Center for Student Rights for having been "verbally abusive to other students." Mr. Kebede got off with a warning that threatened "severe disciplinary sanctions" should he ever again confront "members of the campus community in a manner . . . found to be aggressive or abusive".

   The textbooks students learn from are tainted by Political Correctness. History textbooks must be non-offensive to Muslims.  One such textbook "Across the Centuries" (Houghton Miflin, 2nd edition 1999) actually preaches Islam.  A PBS documentary aired on 12/19/02 also preached Islam.

   There have been assassinations of those courageous enough to speak out against Islam.  On December 17, 02 (The Associated Press 12/18/02) , Necip Hablemitoglu, 48, a history lecturer at Ankara University who spoke out against Islamic groups was shot and killed outside his home.   In 1999, Ahmet Taner Kislali, a journalist, political science professor and former culture minister who frequently condemned radical Islam in Turkey was killed in a car bomb attack outside his home. Pro-secular investigative journalist Ugur Mumcu was killed by a car bomb in 1993.

   Our victory in the battle against al Qaeda in Afghanistan does not mean that we have won the war against militant Islam. Our children are being indoctrinated in our schools that Islam is wonderful. Those who try and inform us otherwise face punishment by both militant Muslims and the scions of political correctness. If Arabs attacked the World Trade Center our teachers should be able to tell their students that. If Saudi students are gloating over Americans deaths we should know that and be able to confront them about it. If the charity we are donating to is funding terrorism we should know that. If militant Muslims are enslaving Christians, if they are preaching hate to the infidel, and if they are planning to blow up buildings we should know that too. The militant Islamic threat did not vanish with the defeat of the Taliban, on the contrary it is growing. The voices who would explain that to us must be heard, not silenced on the altar of political correctness. 

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