What is the evidence that Muhammad did not create Islam to gain wealth and power? 

According to the texts, Bukhari and Muslim,  Muhammad's wife Aisha said: 

When Messenger of Allah died, his armour was mortgaged with a Jew for thirty Sa` (measures) of barley.

  If this were true it would mean that Muhammad wasn't rich.   This is hard to believe considering the wealth that the Moslems must have amassed during their conquests of the infidel and considering that Muhammad as their leader would have had their treasury at his disposal.  According to Al-Bukhari, (Volume 4, Book 52 Number 46 8:41) Muhammad ordered that one fifth of the spoils of war should go to him.   There was no reason that Muhammad would have been in debt to anyone.  The latter story seems more like a statement to imply that the non-believing Jew is greedy and evil.

According to Al-Bukhari and Muslim, his wife Aisha said:

The family of Muhammad never ate to the fill the bread of barley for two successive days until he died."

   The implication is that Muhammad was poor.

   Yet Muhammad is quoted as having said:

What I leave should go into charity after the maintenance expenses of my wives and the provisions of my servant. (pages 391, 392 Kitab al-Tabaqat al-Kabir, (Book of the Major Classes), Volume 2, by Ibn Sa’d). 

According to this quote he had enough to support his wives, his servants and to give to charity.

   Although Muhammad's child wife Aisha is quoted as saying Muhammad died owing Jews money, Muhammad's armies stole money from the Jews.  Adil Salahi in his book, Muhammad: Man and Prophet,  writes about the expulsion of the An Nadheer Jews by Muhammad:

They were told that they would have safe conduct to leave Medina with their women and children.  However, each of them could have only a camel load of his belongings and no arms were allowed. Their farms and lands were to be given up.   Salahi concludes the episode of the expulsion of the An-Nadheer with following statement, "Thus the encounter with the second Jewish tribe came to its conclusion. Muslims did not have to fight and no blood was shed.  The Muslim state was considerably richer now with the lands and the property that the Muslims had gained from the Jews" .

   Adil Salahi gives another example of how Muslims became rich with the story of the conquest of the Jews of Khaibar:

The surrender agreement stipulated that none of the fighters would be put to death. They would be allowed to leave Khaibar and its vicinity, taking with them their women and children. They would abandon all claims over their land, money, horses and arms. To these conditions the Prophet added: 'But all guaranties given you would be abrogated if you withhold anything from me'. Thus all Khaibar fell to Muslims who were now in possessions of all its wealth and land.

   There are many quotes in the Koran that support the hypothesis that Muhammad's goal was wealth and power.


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