Recently the accusation of "White Privilege" has been made against whites.  This makes all whites guilty just for being white.  This combined with the idea that black criminals are only in jail because of white discrimination makes the whites the bad guys and black criminals the good guys.  It justifieds criminal behavior against the white man since blacks are only taking back what is theres and seeing that justice is done.

    Teaching white privilege in classrooms encourages blacks to strike out at white which in turn creates white racism toward blacks.  Children who played happily together without thinking about race start hating the opposite race.   

     How much privilege is there to being white?  Affirmative action privileges blacks over whites.  Blacks target whites, here is one example.   A couple of days before I wrote this Samantha Josephson from all accounts a very nice college girl, was convinced by a black man that he was her Uber ride.  Here is a picture of Samantha while she was still alive.


.  Here is a picture of the black man who murdered her.  She is dead.  He is alive. Who is privileged here?


Here is a video of a white man violently attacked for being white.  Is that a privilege?

     We must remember that there are a lot of good blacks but the majority of murders committed in America are by blacks even though they are about 13% of the American population. Jeff Minick wrote a very good article titled White Privilege a Thing of the Past? in which he points out how hard the lives of many white people are and how hard many whites work and that they certainly are not privileged. 

   Oprah Winfrey on TV spoke about how all whites no matter how poor have the privilege of whiteness.  Oprah is a lot wealthier than the majority of whites.  You can see her say this and it be discussed in the embedded video below.   The accusation of White Privilege is a way of creating hatred toward whites and guilt in whites.  A totally innocent poor hard working non-racist white is labeled as being guilty of having unfair privilege just for being white. 


    Mayor Ben Rozier the mayor of Bloomingdale Georgia wrote the following facebook post.

"Privilege is wearing $200 sneakers when you've never had a job," the post on the Gossip Bloomingdale GA Facebook page said. "Privilege is wearing $300 Beats headphones while living on public assistance."
Rozier, 59, continued, "Privilege is having as many children as you want, regardless of your employment status, and be able to send them off to daycare or school you don’t pay for."
He also took aim at protesters, seeming to focus particularly on young people.
"Privilege is the ability to go march against, and protest against anything that triggers you, without worrying about calling out of work and the consequences that accompany such behavior."

His post was removed and he was accused of racism. 

    Why is there so much propaganda regarding white privilege.  One reason for blacks to engage in it is it is a means of transferring power from whites to blacks.   Here is an example of a preschool teacher that demonstrates this.

    David Horowitz wrote:

White skin privilege is the gift of being the only racial/ethnic group on the planet which it is okay to single out for abuse. Indeed, handing out such abuse is obligatory for all who regard themselves as “woke,” and aspire to create a brave new world of “social justice.” This is a category that includes the media, the popular culture, the educational system and such racist shapers of public opinion as Don Lemon, Joy Ann Reid, Joy Behar, Brian Stetler, Rachel Maddow, the editorial boards and reporters of the NY Times and the Washington Post, and their clones, and the Democratic Party.

 “White privilege is the privilege of being regarded as untrustworthy, prejudiced, and blind to the injustices one’s whiteness allegedly inflicts. White privilege is the privilege of being damned for alleged crimes like “Stop and Frisk” laws, and also the often imaginary crimes of one’s often alleged ancestors. Thus it is fashionable in today’s politically correct culture to seek reparations for slavery from Americans whose ancestors never owned slaves, were not even in the country at the time, and were oppressed themselves in ethnic and religious ghettos across the globe. Reparations for slavery are also sought from the descendants of Union soldiers who gave their lives to abolish slavery. Facts are irrelevant. It’s all about skin color.

Thus white skin privilege is the privilege of being held responsible for slavery when white America accounted for less than 1% of the African slave trade globally, which was mainly run by “people of color,” while white America led the world in abolishing slavery, an institution which still exists in non-white Africa today.

Candace Owen gave a good talk about people using the skin color to game the system. 



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