Tolerance for the intolerant is suicide
Michael Radu, in an article titled,
"Holland: Trouble in a Multiculturalist Utopia" 11/30/04

The enemies of intolerance cannot be tolerant, or neutral, without inviting their own suicide.
Christopher Hitchens, in an article titled
Why Are We So Scared of Offending Muslims? 8/1/07

   Should we be tolerant of the intolerant?  If we believe in freedom of religion should we give freedom to a religion that preaches intolerance of other religions?  If we do we risk our country being taken over by an intolerant religion such as Islam and becoming intolerant of all beliefs other than the conquering religion.  This is exactly what is happening in countries in Europe such as Denmark and Holland.  After Theo Van Gogh was murdered by a Muslim for making a movie about the intolerance of Islam toward women, the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf newspaper wrote that  lenient immigration policies had turned an open society into a "resentful and intolerant" one. The editor wrote:

"Afraid of being called racist, we have been so tolerant with regard to these religious fascists that they have been allowed to merrily undermine the roots of our freedom."

   Gerard Baker wrote in the Times of London: we must in our own societies, resist the pressure to tolerate the intolerance of Islamist extremism.

    In the United States there has been a big push toward toleration of acceptance of homosexual behavior.  Problem is homosexuals will not tolerant those who don't think homosexual behavior is moral.  If a baker doesn't want to make a wedding cake for gay people or a clergyman doesn't want to preside at their wedding gays will sue them. 

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