We would all like a safety net for the poor so that no one starves and no one is hungry.  The problem with having a safety net for everyone is that when one provides a nearly limitless sum of money to ensure that no one is in need a vacumn of corruption and waste will from to consume it.   That is why the American war on poverty failed.  When people get paid when they don't work fewer will choose to work.  When they get financial support for their babies they'll have more babies.  This is what happened in America.

      With universal health care in countries like England and Canada the government has to pay but the government seems to always find itself in debt and lacking the funds to take care of everyone.  The result is that people die waiting for medical procedures.  Cost cutting procedures reduce help to the elderly whose health care is the most expensive. 

Financial aid for college tuition has been met with ever rising college tuition.

The solution to all of this can be found when one considers that happened to the cost of health care in the United States.  The cost has more than doubled since 2000.  Here is a graph showing this from the Kaiser Foundation.


Obamacare the effort to provide health care for everyone did not begin till 2010.  If we look at Per Member Per Market costs we see an even greater increase since then. 

The most dramatic evidence of what is going wrong is when people find old receipts for their medical costs.  In one case a woman named Cara Reeves wrote:

Yesterday, I found a gem. Itís a hospital bill from when my grandmother gave birth to my dad on Christmas Eve, 1950.

The grand total is a whopping $86.33! I used the consumer price index calculator to figure out how much that would be worth today, and itís about $755.00. Thatís still not bad considering my hospital bill for giving birth to my daughter in 2005 was over five grand. 

The answer is most likely insurance.  Insurance creates a larger source of money with the result that hospitals  charge more.  The problem with these ever burgeoning costs is that people wind up not al getting covered and the system heads toward bankruptcy.  Better to have a partial net that doesn't fall down.

In engineering when one tries to design a filter that works at multiple frequencies it performs worse than if you design it for a single frequency.  If you try and get 100% at one frequency the performance at the other frequency will be very poor.  If on the other hand you allow for some loss of performance at one frequency the other frequency will perform reasonably well.  I learned this by simulating the performance of double turned coils for MRI.