Once upon a time in a land far far away a little boy named Tommy and his Mother were walking along and came across a friendly golden retriever puppy.  The puppy bounded up to them and licked them and wagged his tail.   Tommy said to his mother, "Can I have a dog".  The owner of the puppy, Hank Peterson said to his mother, if he wants to have the dog he's welcome to him.   I'm trying to find homes for this litter of puppies.  Tommy's mother said "Well we'll let you know tomorrow" and that evening asked Tommy's father.   Tommy's father hemmed and hawed but Tommy wanted the dog so much that he finally gave in.  The next day Tommy and his mother went back to get the dog and a puppy came out to greet them.  Tommy embraced the puppy and said to Hank, Dad said I could have the dog.  Hank looked sad and then said "I need to speak with your mother in private for a minute".  Hank and his mother talked for a while and Hank's mother said, "We can take the dog home now" and Tommy cheerfully led his puppy home.   What Tommy didn't know was that he wasn't taking home the same puppy that he had seen the day before.  The puppy he had seen the day before had died the previous night in a tragic accident.  Months later another little boy Jimmy told Tommy how the puppy had died.  Tommy said, well if he did he must have come back to life because I bought him home. 

   The point of this story is that in someways the Golden Retriever that died lived on in the living Golden Retriever.  That's not to say that they weren't different and unique and that's not to say that the death of the first puppy wasn't a terrible thing but it is saying that part of who we are lives in other people.   How many of us have come across a person who reminded us of someone else?   Although everyone is different how many of us have not seen the similarities between people? 

   Most people who believe in reincarnation believe the entire person's mind will still be intact with all his memories.  What is you created the same person but he had a head injury and forgot everything.  Then you tried to get him to know his family again.  Eventually he might become similar to the way he was but he will always be different.  Yet in someways it will still be him.  He may someday love his wife in a similar way to the way he did before the accident.  He may someday love his children in a similar way.  Love although different for everyone is also universal just as other feelings are.

   I think when a man dies part of who he was dies with him forever but part of who he was lives on in others just as the Golden Retriever puppy who died lived on in the other Golden Retriever puppy.


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