No Group has a Monopoly on Hate
Larry Elder

Video makes a good point about racial differences begin cultural.

Although blacks often complain about racism their is a lot of anti white and anti-oriental racism among blacks.  One horrific example of black racism aginast Orientals is called "Chink Bashing".  In one such incident (frontpagemag 3/1/04)

Charles Bryant and Nayquan Miller, both 16 and of Queens, placed an order for Chinese food from the Ming Garden restaurant on Guy Brewer Boulevard in South Jamaica. Eighteen year-old Huang Chen who was working in his parent's restaurant so that his sister could attend Stony Brook University, responded to the order but when he arrived at the apartment he was greeted by an act of vicious racist brutality reminiscent of the antigay bias crime, which victimized Matthew Shepherd in Wyoming. This time instead of a fence-post in a snow-covered field, the victim ended up in a frozen murky pond. After first beating the defenseless boy with baseball bats, the two sadistic thugs pulled out knives and stabbed him to death as he was pleading for his life.

    A fun activity for black mobs is sucker punching whitey.  Sometimes the white guy dies.  Sometimes they pick the wrong white guy. 


      Carranza, in tweets, community forums and interviews, including with The Post, implies that opponents of his push to abolish the SHSAT exam for specialized schools and other admission criteria are blind to their own bias.  He wishes to do this in order to integrate the schools.

Mona Davids, president of the NYC Parents Union, pointed out.

Because de Blasio and Carranza have such racist low expectations for black and Hispanic students, they feel they have to lower the standards for our children. They are the racists, said Davids, who is black.

Larry Elder debunks Michelle Obama's claims of white racism below.  Michelle claimed that white flight was because of racism.  Larry Elder tells about a school where the violence that he saw between whites and blacks was always instigated by blacks.



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