The Environment:

   Environmentalists are as a whole against nuclear power because of concerns about waste disposal, the possibility of a nuclear explosion or a leak.  If none of these occurrences happen, nuclear is actually much less polluting than any other technology.  If one mines coal to generate the same amount of power one will release radioactive dust into the air and destroy large amounts of forest to mine the coal.  Burning coal results in carbon monoxide gas being produced and if their is sulfur content it probably results in sulfuric acid being produced.  The amount of land that has to be covered with windmills or solar mirrors to generate the same amount of power is vastly greater.  The energy needed to produce those panels has to come from somewhere and that somewhere will pollute. 

    The biggest threat to the environment is nuclear war yet the policies of the environmentalists increase the probability that such a war will happen.  The more money there is flowing to radical Islamic regimes the more likely there is to be a nuclear attack on the West.  The more money the West has the more it can spend on preventing such a thing from happening.  The environmentalists keep filing lawsuits to prevent the development of energy sources in the West.  The Democrats who cater to the environmentalist vote block offshore oil development as well as extracting oil already in the United States.  The effect of this is to increase the risk of total devastation of the environment. 


Avoiding War and Casualties:

    The Left appears to believe that the way to avoid war is not to attack countries that are developing dangerous weapons such as Iran.  They also believe that war with Iraq was wrong.  Leftists like Barack Obama seem to think that talking to Iran and offering to give in to their demands or to pressure Israel into making dangerous concessions to it's Arab neighbors will make Iran less dangerous to the United States. 

     Sometimes the way to avoid a much more serious war is to attack first.  If Europe and the United States had attacked Hitler early on millions of lives would have been saved and many fewer battles would have been fought. 

     In the case of Iran and Iraq, the problem is not that under Bush the United States invaded Iraq and overthrew Saddam the problem is that it didn't invade Iran immediately afterwards.  The result was that Iran supplied the Islamic extremists in Iraq with sophisticated weapons to use against the United States.  The United States did not send enough troops in the beginning, now the surge is changing the situation over there.  To avoid casualties the U.S. should have had a surge from the very beginning.


Ending Hatred with Money

     One widespread theory as to the cause of war and violence is poverty.  This is one of the reasons that tremendous amount of foreign aid is given to the Palestinian Arabs.  The following graph from an article titled Does Foreign Aid Fuel Palestinian Violence, shows that the opposite is true.  Tehe reason may be simply that the more money they have the more free time they have and the more guns and ammunition they can buy.


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