Marketing oneself: 

    A lot of our success in life depends on how well we market ourselves.  That is true in the job market, as well as the social market.   One thing my mother talked about several times to me was the marriage market.   She told me that women were looking for men with money.  A job recruiter once explained to me that my resume was a marketing tool.  We market ourselves during interviews.  When we try and get a raise or win favor with the boss we are marketing ourselves.   

Helping others as an investment: 

    The job recruiter  gave me some tips including one that surprised me.  He said don't use recruiters.  He said I didn't have the skills to make me so valuable so that companies would pay hefty fees to recruiters to recruit me.  This advice of his seemed to me to be against his self interest.  He then explained that he was giving me this advice as an investment.  When someday I was successful he wanted me to remember him so that he could recruit programmers for me or recruit me for a high paying job. 

    He saw helping me as an investment.  That's an interesting way to regard helping others.  Of course there is another kind of helping from which we may not expect a return for our investment such as giving charity.   Even that may be considered an investment in some cases, the religious may see helping others as an investment that will help them win God's favor. 

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