Alex Newman, an educator and investigative reporter who co-wrote “Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children,” argues “government schools today are scientifically designed indoctrination machines.”

“They are aimed at totally restructuring the values and beliefs of the American people. And as we can see from studies out of Britain, the scheming has been very effective. This sick manipulation of young people is the product of a century worth of research into psychology and behaviorism, so the manipulators are becoming very advanced in the techniques they deploy against the minds and even the souls of children. For the sake of the future, taxpayers, teachers and parents must put their foot down and demand an end to these grotesque abuses and crimes against innocent children.”

Newman suggests “gay history” is simply more of the same and is “hardly a surprise.”

“In fact, it will fit right in with the other propaganda and indoctrination being force-fed to captive students in government schools all across America,” Newman told WND.

“It is also another sign of how far the government education system has strayed from what most parents imagine should be happening at school – the teaching of reading, writing, arithmetic, logic, real history, real science and so on. Rather, this course goes well with the death education, the pornographic sex education, the values clarification and the social engineering that is so severely damaging America’s youth and ultimately, its future. When the federal government’s own data reveal that half of Americans can barely read, leave it to self-styled educators to come up with something as ridiculous as a homosexual-history propaganda class. Parents should not allow their children to be subjected to this kind of outrage, and taxpayers should not be forced to pay for it.”