One of the strange things about Homosexuality is on display in San Francisco once a year at the Folsom Street Fair.  Here is what the San Francisco Chronicle had to say:

Every year San Francisco has something called the Folsom Street Fair, where gays do some very bizarre things.  They dress like dogs, horses, and ponies, tie themselves up, get spanked, and more.  This isn't a fringe movement – thousands of homosexual (mostly men) do this. If gay is now normal, then why do they do these very strange things

Ed Straker in the American Thinker wrote:

By the way, while some heterosexuals go to strip clubs, or buy kinky sexual devices, nowhere in the world will you find a similar large exhibition of sexual perversity like this in the heterosexual community.  It's exclusively in the gay community, and it raises a lot of disturbing questions.

What is also not often mentioned is gays meeting for anonymous sex.  I remember a park in Vancouver where gays would wander paths at night with flashlights looking for other gays to have sex with.  Recently I read that there is a gay cruising area in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY.  Police have recently been ticketing men in the gay cruising area of Prospect Park (2015).  In addition Feds and the NYPD took down a gay prostitution web site called — claims 10,500 “escorts” in 2,100 cities worldwide — offered its 2,500 paid subscribers access to men willing to provide a variety of sexual services, according to feds.  According to the New York Post Gay activists are furious over the raid and arrests for prostitution.   If Gays were just like everyone else except for their sexual orientation wouldn't they oppose prostitution?  Straight female activists don't generally promote prostitution.  The high incidence of sexual diseases in gays is not just because of the nature of sodomy but also because of gay promiscuity.  I am not saying that all gays are promiscuous but clearly a lot of them are.  What does this tell us about the gay mind?  It may be a mind that seeks pleasure above all else irregardless of morality, decency or self respect. 

A gay person once told me that one of the appeals of being gay is not having the responsibility of children.   Homosexuality was a way to have the pleasure without the obligations.  He wound up having two children through surrogacy.  The woman below says she had lesbian parents and that every child should have a father.

Millie Fontana also says this in her talk titled "The Other Side of the Rainbow"

Gay people like to say that they have no choice, that they were born that way.  Do they have not choice but to act depraved and perverted and dress up like dogs and do things in public that I won't mention here? 

A long time ago there were hotels that refused to host gay events because afterwards was so disgusting to clean up.  Why aren't heterosexual events so disgusting?

A former transgender was asked if transgenders are born that way.  He answered: 

There is no evidence that transgenders are born that way. There is, however, evidence that they are suffering from untreated mental disorders such as bipolar disorder, dissociative disorder, separation anxiety, schizophrenia, and personality disorder. I go into this in depth in my book, Paper Genders.

On October 26, 2012 my wife was watching a show called "Say Yes To the Dress".  It is about bridesmaids trying on dresses for a wedding.  The woman getting married was heterosexual and her bridesmaid was a lesbian.  What was unusual was that the bridesmaid was her identical twin.  One of the key propaganda points of homosexuals is that homosexuality is not a choice and that it's genetic.  Identical twins are genetically identical.  There are other examples of identical twins such as Jason and Jarron Collins in which one is gay and one is not.  The fact that there are many ex-homosexuals also speaks against the genetic argument. 

I remember reading in the past about a gay woman who said that for her it was a choice.  She said that other gay people didn't want her to say that.  That's because gay people know that people will view them as bad if they say they made a choice. 

Robin Goodspeed is an ex-lesbian.  She wrote the following:

I was not born a homosexual. I was not ‘born that way.’ There is no scientific proof, or proof of any kind, that there is a homosexual gene or that homosexuals are ‘born that way.’ I was sexually molested at the age of 2 and I began making choices at that age that lead to a life of homosexuality. I chose that life and I clung desperately to the lie that I was ‘born that way’ so I would never be held accountable for my choices.

    Kathy Shelton was raped when she was 12 years old.  She told the Daily Mail that she’s wants nothing to do with men, and she is a lesbian.  This is one example of hostility to the opposite sex leading to lesbian behavior.   In her case the rapist was at fault but I know of a case involving a family member in which the woman destroyed her marriage though disturbed behavior, blamed men, and started a lesbian relationship.

It's certainly a choice for people who are bisexual, at one point they date men and at another point they date women.  We often hear from gays about how they originally were dating the opposite sex and then realized they were gay.  What we don't hear that much is of people who were gay and then went straight and who didn't do that because they had a sudden religious conversion but because they wanted to date someone of the opposite sex.

What is seldom said is that the pleasure of sex can turn people into homosexuals and that many people who became gay were sexually assaulted by someone of the same sex when they were young. 

Homosexual marriage is now legal in the United States.  The negative consequences of this affect a lot of people in many ways that one would not expect as is shown in the excellent video embedded below:

One of the alarming points of the above video is that the legalization of homosexual marriage has led to homosexual indoctrination in schools which in turn has led to a 50% increase in the number of children who identify as homosexuals.  Is that because they really were homosexuals or is it because they are being indoctrinated to believe that they are? 

Michael Brown, the author of several books on homosexuality and Christianity, including the upcoming “Outlasting the Gay Revolution,” said:

“Tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality are no longer enough.  In fact, those attitudes are now deemed ‘homophobic.’ Instead, homosexuality must be celebrated, beginning in our children’s schools. And so, it’s no surprise that in the last decade, bills have been passed in California calling for the removal of anything that could be considered offensive to LGBT students or parents (such as terms like husband, wife, dad or mom) as well as for the mandatory celebration of LGBT history in all schools, K-12, with no option for parents to opt out their children from such classes or for teachers to opt out from participation.”

Brown argues this celebration of homosexuality is making such conduct acceptable among young people and represents an inadvertent proof homosexuality is not always an unchangeable, inborn trait.

The most important reason for marriage is to protect the children of the couple.  Marriage is primarily a contract that guarantees that the couple will stay together and provide a good home for the children and that there will be child support if the couple does separate.

Heather Barwick was brought up in a home by two lesbian mothers. She told The Federalist

"Growing up, and even into my 20s, I supported and advocated for gay marriage.  It's only with some time and distance from my childhood that I'm able to reflect on my experiences and recognize the long-term consequences that same-sex parenting had on me."

After seeing how her own children flourished by having a father in their lives, Barwick became even more convinced that the fatherless life she had as a child hurt her in more ways than she previously recognized.

"And it's only now, as I watch my children loving and being loved by their father each day, that I can see the beauty and wisdom in traditional marriage and parenting," Barwick added.

'I so desperately wanted a daddy'. 

I know two gay men who have a daughter.  She latches on to women and calls them Mommy even though they are not her Mommy.  One of her Dad's makes a big effort to try and get a permanent female babysitter in her life so that she will have what she wants.

   Robert Oscar Lopez was raised by two lesbian mothers and embraced the gay lifestyle until he fell in love with a woman.  Here is a very interesting interview with him that sheds a lot of light on homosexuality.


I know nice people who are gay and I have a relative who is and who I believe to be a good person.  The main problem with gay marriage is that it can either lead to men or women losing out on having children, or if they do have children it leads to the child not growing up with a father or a mother.  Another  problem I have with gays is when they try and indoctrinate children in schools with pornographic material into believing their way of life is a good one, when they encourage sexual relationships between adults and children (see the book From Crayons to Condoms), and when they try and force the church to marry them and so on.  In the following video some of the abuses by gays is described.

The LBGTQ lobby tries to block therapy for people who want to deal with gay impulses. The LBGTQ together with the porn industry push porn in schools.  For an excellent presentation on that by Mass Resistance see this.

I once was watching funny music videos on youtube and came across one in which a woman sings about how she was looking for the perfect man and when she found one who fit all the items on her checklist she found out he was gay.  If homosexuality is an indoctrinated choice than he might have been the perfect man for her if he hadn't decided that he was gay.  How many women can't find straight men and vice versa because they decided they were gay?

There is a theme that surfaces in the feminist literature that heterosexuality is bad.  Daphne Patai discussed this at length in her book Heterophobia.  Here is one example of a lesbian who argues in favor of homosexuality.

The British lesbian separatist Sheila Jeffreys, in her 1990 book Anticlimax, gives a clear account of the attitude I am calling "heterophobia."  The aim of women's liberation and particularly of lesbian liberation ... is "the destruction of heterosexuality as a system."  Heterosexual desire, Jeffreys affirms, is "eroticised power difference" .  Far from being grounded in biology, heterosexual desire "originates in the power relationship between men and women".  Jeffreys argues that homosexuality is the path to the desirable "sameness of power"

This suggests that there are women who choose the lesbian lifestyle because of power issues and/or animosity toward men and not because they were born that way.

According to the Family Research Council:

The evidence indicates that homosexual men molest boys at rates grossly disproportionate to the rates at which heterosexual men molest girls. To demonstrate this it is necessary to connect several statistics related to the problem of child sex abuse: 1) men are almost always the perpetrator; 2) up to one-third or more of child sex abuse cases are committed against boys; 3) less than three percent of the population are homosexuals. Thus, a tiny percentage of the population (homosexual men), commit one-third or more of the cases of child sexual molestation.

A study in Archives of Sexual Behavior found that homosexual men are attracted to young males. The study compared the sexual age preferences of heterosexual men, heterosexual women, homosexual men, and lesbians. The results showed that, in marked contrast to the other three categories, "all but 9 of the 48 homosexual men preferred the youngest two male age categories," which included males as young as age fifteen. In The Gay Report, by homosexual researchers Karla Jay and Allen Young, the authors report data showing that 73 percent of homosexuals surveyed had at some time had sex with boys sixteen to nineteen years of age or younger."

Homosexuality may or may not be wrong but forcing someone to have sex against their will is definitely wrong and homosexuals as a group do that to children more than heterosexuals.

MassResistance is an organization that is trying to stop the push to indoctrinate children into engaging in homosexual behavior.  They report in general on how sex ed has become more pornographic and is being pushed on children. 

Here is a video they posted about how LGBT training gets into elementary schools.

Here a man who was raised by lesbians talks about the lies of the gay movement.




    In the following lecture Dr. Jennifer Morse explains the propaganda behind the transgender movement.  She also tells the story of a transgender girl who transsed to a boy (if thats the word) because her (or his) parents wanted a boy instead of a girl.  That trans person and a double masectomy etc.  In the end that trans person euthenized her or himself.  I guess transing didn't make him or her happy.  I heard another similar story from a doctor about a boy who noticed how his sick sister was getting all the attention.  He thought it was because she was a girl and started acting like one.  Luckily a psychiatrist who hadn't become a trans zombie fanatic, found out what was going on and this boy wasn't convinced by a therapist to take hormones and to have part of his anatomy cut off.

Here is a video about transgenders who wanted their sex back.


Along with decisions about what to eat for lunch and which clubs to join, California public school students may soon may be allowed to choose which gender they would like to be.

The California legislature has passed a bill, AB 1266, that would require all public schools to allow youths to choose which gender-segregated facilities and activities fit their “identity,” including restrooms, locker rooms and sports teams. The bill awaits the signature of Gov. Jerry Brown to be enacted into law.

Eighth grade teacher Valerie Vislay Jones said the bill sounds like a nightmare, especially for girls.

“Bathroom breaks are chaotic enough! This brings on a whole host of new discipline problems. And what about that time of the month? I can see boys using the girls’ restroom just to be funny, and then there would be no privacy for the girls. Adolescent boys do not understand the whole menstruation thing anyway, and adolescent girls do NOT want boys to know that they menstruate. Way to make adolescence even more confusing.”

She continued, “What adolescent boy wouldn’t love to get into the girls’ locker room?”

As a teacher, she said the law would be an enforcement disaster.

“I have enough to keep track of in the morning, then to add this. Now, my morning would include this phrase, ‘Don’t forget to make your lunch choice and gender choice.’”

According to the Massachusetts State Department of Ed, boys who dress as girls should be able to use girls restrooms without parents consent and those who disagree should be disciplined and given diversity training.

Apparently parents are making decisions regarding a child's sex based on what they say when they are only 3 years old.  The speaker in the video below points out that children at that age sometimes thinks they are dinosaurs etc.  He asks if you would take your child to the Smithsonian if he said he was a dinosaur.

Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital said that transgenderism is a “mental disorder.” Dr. McHugh also reported on a new study showing that the suicide rate among transgendered people who had reassignment (sex-change) surgery is 20 times higher than the suicide rate among non-transgender people.

Dr. McHugh further noted studies from Vanderbilt University and London’s Portman Clinic stating that 70-80 percent of children who had expressed transgender feelings “spontaneously lost those feelings” over time. So if kids weren’t being pressured to embrace being transgendered, most would eventually get beyond the feelings.

My daughter once came home from school and told me how she was being taught about Jazz, the boy with the girls brain.  There was a story in the Boston Globe about  identical twins one of whom decided that she was a he.  Identical twins are identical genetically so that casts doubt on the argument that a transgender is a boy with a girls brain or vice versa.  The alarming aspect of the transgender craze is that Doctor's are treating transgenders with puberty blockers and hormones in order to convert them to the opposite sex.  These may be children who were just going through a phase or just a little confused.

One aspect that is overlooked in the transgender craze is that therapists may be convincing children that they are transgender when they are not and then they undergo puberty blockers and transgender surgery. 

I have a friend who told me that she grew up among boys and so acted like them and learned to share their interests.  She said it was just a phase and that she is a girl.  She grew up in Africa.  What if she grew up here? 

Walt Heyer a man who had an operation to change into a woman and who changed his mind and had another one to change him back was asked if the operations people were having to change their sex was wise.  His answer was:

Studies show 77 to 94 percent of young people who identify with gender dysphoria will not identify as gender dysphoria as adults. In other words, they grow out of it. The media will show the young people as happy early on. Everyone is happy early on. But the media doesn’t show them years after, when their feelings change, which goes back to the point about regretters not wanting to go public. The media will not talk about the alcoholism, drug addiction, homelessness, poverty and suicide as the real picture of the transgender life.

The concern that therapists may be convincing children is a valid one because it's happened before with the false memory craze.  Therapists used to tell their patients that the reason they felt bad might be because they had suppressed memories of child abuse and that if they just tried hard enough to remember they might get well.  The result was that people started to "remember" abuse that never happened.  I had the misfortunate of dating a woman who went to one of these therapists.  One could easily imagine a therapist explaining to a depressed girl who likes sports that she may be a boy or a depressed boy who likes to spend time with girls that he may be a girl and that the way to happiness might be to change her or his sex.

In the video below Camille Paglia expresses what is wrong with the transgender craze

The latest craze that I became aware of in December 2020 is teen girls deciding they are transgender together and taking male hormones.  Doctors are told they must not question the teens decision and must administer these hormones.  This is probably because activists have passed 20 anti gay-conversion therapy laws.  (This number may only apply to California although anti gay therapy conversion laws have been passed in other states as well).  Doctor's are afraid to suggest that maybe the patient should reconsider or question their decision because they could lose their medical license.  Laws against gay conversion therapy are effectively laws against free speech because therapy is speech. 


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