Is Muslim immigration dangerous?  Even if it is, is it racist to say so?  Is saying that it is hate speech?  Those who believe that Muslim immigration is a threat find themselves the target of hate speech and racism accusations.  Some of those who speak out aside from getting death threats from Muslims are found guilty of crimes by the judicial systems of the Western countries of which they live.  Are we powerless against the threat of Muslim immigration because to do anything to stop it is racist, criminal and wrong?  Why can't we just reach out to our Muslim neighbors with interfaith programs and all get along and just be  careful we don't say anything that gets them angry?

Famous French actress and now a German woman fined for speaking out against Islamic immigration.

These are very important questions. Muslim immigration is occurring very quickly.  The Muslim population of the United States has doubled since 9/11.  Is it dangerous? If you are a Swedish woman who just got raped than the answer is yes.  Is it racist for a Swedish woman who just got raped by a Muslim import to ask her government to stop importing Muslims?  The two most dangerous threats to the United States are the National debt which is increasing at the rate of $50,000 a second and Muslim immigration both to the United States and to Europe.

You can't not get them angry because the more you bend over backwards to not get them angry the angrier they will get in order to get you to bend over backwards.  Not only that but they will fabricate charges of insulting the prophet to get you out of the way, they way they do in countries like Pakistan.  Muslim behavior becomes more aggressive and hostile the larger it's percentage of the population.

1st question is, is Muslim immigration a threat?   Is it racist to say it's a threat?  Should we not say anything in order to avoid hate speech?
    9/11 was perpetrated by Muslims.  So were attacks in Europe?  Amazing how Europe is so hostile to Israel when Muslims attacked them.

2nd question is if Islam is a threat what should we do about it?  Geert wilders cited crime statistics resulting from Muslim immigration.  He quoted a survey about number of Muslims supporting shariah.  Shariah means everyone, not just Muslims have to obey Islamic law.  Infidels must be subjugated and live in humilation and pay Jizya.

Should we stop all Muslim immigration?

 Should we expel Muslims?

Can we change Muslims so that  they are moderate?  Some Christians in Dearborn tried to convince Muslims Islam is wrong and were surrounded by an angry crowd that hurled rocks at them.    People who speak out against Islam in the West get death threats and some like Geert Wilders need armed guards.  Christian preacher in Iran locked up in prison.

The Tolerance Equation

Most people think about politics in terms of right and wrong, instead of pros and cons.  Something is either all good or all bad.  People also often only think of immediate consequences of policies instead of secondary consequences of policies.  Tolerance is right and blocking Muslims from entering the United States would be intolerate therefore according to this type of thinking Muslim immigration should not be stopped.  What if Muslim immigration will bring intolerance toward non-Muslim Americans?  That's a secondary consequence that is beyond the scope of a lot of political thinkers.


Similar to Animal farm where no sheep can say anything nasty about the wolves because that would be hate speech. 

Another one could be doctors who are politically correct and can't describe cancer as malignant because cancer are cells too and they are part of nature and we shouldn't use nasty chemicals to pollute their environment.  Saying they are malignant is hate speech.  Besides human beings produce carbon dioxide which creates global warming so if cancer kills them that's a good thing.


For years violent street gangs, especially the MS-13 or Mara Salvatrucha, have operated lucrative prostitution enterprises in the District of Columbia area. Federal authorities have confirmed in recent years that most members of the notoriously violent MS-13 are illegal immigrants with active criminal records, most of them Mexican nationals, followed by Salvadorans and Hondurans.

But local sanctuary policiesósuch as those in place in D.C. and the area surrounding itópresent the biggest obstacle to combating gang violence and the illicit businesses they operate. In fact, a 2008 study sanctioned by the Department of Justice (DOJ) confirmed this, explaining that donít-ask-donít-tell immigration policies in sanctuary cities shield deportable violent criminals, especially gangbangers, from federal authorities.

Elderly Lose Milk and Butter Because of Rising Cost of Muslim Immigrants

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