Although it is very rare that something is true in all cases that assumption is made often with dire consequences.  America spends more per student than perhaps any other country yet American educational standards are lower than most other countries.  A major reason for this is lack of discipline in the classroom.  There are too many regulations that make it impossible for teachers to discipline misbehaving students.  Why is that?  These rules were created by people who believed that students must not be punished under any circumstances.   Punishment is always wrong, we need to help their self esteem, is the kind of reasoning that led to this situation.  Punishment is not always wrong. 

   Civil liberties are wonderful and important to fight for yet the ACLU often restricts freedom by defending other freedoms.  Freedom from religion which the ACLU fights for has in some cases turned into infringement of religious liberty.   I heard of a story of a class in which students were told to give an oral presentation about their favorite hero.  One child chose Jesus as his hero and was told he could not talk about that.  That child's freedom of speech was violated in order to protect the freedom of other children not to hear him.  No one asked the other children if they did or didn't want to hear him. 

    Protection of freedom of speech is important but what happens when that freedom of speech is used to indoctrinate hatred as in Islamic countries?  Then it should be stopped because it is hate speech.  Hate speech should not always be stopped however. Sometimes speaking the truth about evildoers will make people angry at those evildoers and even hate them.  Should those who speak the truth be silenced because hate speech is always wrong?  If a group of gangsters is preying on innocent people in a certain area should we say that and warn others?  If hate speech is always wrong, we shouldn't because we are just getting people to hate those gangsters.  In fact we should not even call them gangsters because that is hate speech.  Accusations of hate speech have been mis-used to silence those warning about the true dangers of Islam.  Hate speech is not always wrong.  In fact it's good when it's true.  Silencing those who speak the truth with the accusation of hate speech is wrong and dangerous.  Not only is hate speech  not only not always wrong, hate and anger are not always wrong.  This is discussed on the Value of Hate and the Anger pages of this web site.

   Liberty is wonderful yet few would argue that we should liberate all prisoners from our prisons.  Yet there are analogous situations in which criminal cultures exist, cultures that are indoctrinated to commit terror or to conquer others.  The Palestinian Arabs are indoctrinated from childhood to wipe out Israel.   Giving them the freedom of a state would give them the freedom to stockpile fighter jets, and tanks to use to take away the basic freedom of the Jews of Israel to live.   Yet the Bush administration is bent on doing just that under the assumption that freedom is always good.  China would like nothing better to conquer Taiwan.  So far the United States has not given them the freedom to do that but if we are to believe that freedom is always good than why don't we.  What about Taiwan's right to be a free country.  This is an example of how just because freedom is good doesn't mean it's good in every instance and it's an example of how freedom for one party means taking away freedom from another.

   Liberty to elect one's own leaders is good but it is not good under every situation, Turkey is a classic example of that.  The Turks vote for Islamic parties when given the option to vote.  The Turkish military has stepped in to overthrow these parties when they threatened the secular laws set forth under Mustapha Kemal.  Turkey has been criticized for being undemocratic for these reasons yet Turkey has a lot more freedom because the army stepped in and prevented the formation of a totalitarian shariah state.  Currently Turkey is run by the Islamic party of Taycip Erdogan.  His government, through control of the press, has indoctrinated the populace to turn against the West (see The Sick Man of Europe - Again 2/16/04).


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