I believe it was George Orwell who introduced the word doublespeak to describe how Communists manipulated words.  An incredible example of this appeared in the New York Post online Breaking News on 8/7/02.  The article described how China threatened Taiwan that increasing ``radical pro-independence moves'' are shoving the mainland toward preparations for a military solution but that they are committed to peace.  The Chinese government run press quoted a senior military source as saying that there is a growing possibility that:

peace will have to be safeguarded and won through the use of force.

   While the U.S. negotiated a nuclear agreement with Iran, the White House promised that the agreement would secure anytime/anywhere inspections of Iranian nuclear facilities.  The agreement limits the facilities that the West can inspect and gives Iran 24 days to clean up whatever site is going to be inspected.  After the agreement, undersecretary of state Wendy Sherman explained that she and her colleagues invoked this term of art only as “popular rhetoric." Sounds good.  They were just saying things that were popular right?  No she is saying that they lied.

    Israeli Prime Minister Olmert is afraid to retaliate to Hezbollah rockets from Lebanon because when they did they paid a high price in lives and world condemnation.  So when two rockets were fired at Israel from Lebanon on June 17, 2007  Olmert decided not to retaliate.  In an effort to coverup his weakness and fear and appear tough his spokesman said:

"Israel will not succumb to this provocation but will monitor the situation carefully.

These words make it appear as Israel is being tough by not responding to being attacked.

Shimon Peres coined the Orwellian phrase "victims of peace" to describe terror victims. Two years into the Oslo peace process 183 Israelis had already been killed by Palestinian terrorism. They were victims of appeasement.  To call them "victims of peace" makes it sound like somehow their deaths are an acceptable price to pay since it is part of bringing peace.

Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin also used the term "enemies of peace" to describe those Israelis who didn't agree with their appeasement policies and those Palestinian Arabs who committed terrorist attacks against Israel.  The deliberate equating of those who are against appeasement with those who are for war is often used by people who advocate appeasement.  In this case Peres and Rabin went further because they lumped together those Israelis who were against appeasement with terrorists.



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