The Real Oppressor of Black People


Ostensibly anti-racist liberal policies hurt blacks.  For example liberals oppose Stop and Frisk.  Michael Bloomberg is campaigning to be selected the Democrat candidate for president.  In order to get votes he apologized for his Stop and Frisk policies.  Miranda Devine wrote: 

Why apologize for policies that took guns off the streets and saved black lives?

Now, in the name of anti-racism, those policies have been dismantled and, presto, shootings are up 30 percent. Those who suffer most are in black neighborhoods, where an innocent child like 14-year-old Aamir Griffin was killed by a stray bullet last year while playing basketball in Jamaica, Queens.

Instead of cravenly disavowing his record, a Trumpian or Sandersian politician would turn the argument aggressively back on his critics.

He would declare that the real racism is to leave black children unprotected just so liberals can feel virtuous.

Ann Coulter wrote:

By pursuing the "wacky" idea of having cops frisk kids in high-crime areas for minor offenses like turnstile jumping, Mayor Rudy Giuliani cut the murder rate from more than 2,000 per year to about 600. No one thought it could possibly go any lower – and then Bloomberg got murders down to an unfathomable 300 or so per year.  Giuliani and Bloomberg did more for young minorities than all living Democrats combined. In New York City alone, at least 20,000 more black men are alive today than would be under the genius crime-fighting ideas of prior administrations (and The New York Times).

    Miranda also about liberal sanctuary city policies that liberals portray as compassionate to refugees.  She wrote

A predatory child molester and an alleged rapist are among the illegal immigrants released under Mayor de Blasio’s sanctuary-city laws in the last six weeks.

Why doesn’t the mayor look the victims in the eye and tell them how compassionate he is?

There is a move to ostensibly create equity among whites and blacks.  Blacks in general have trouble in math compared to other ethnic groups.  For that reason teaching that a math question has one right answer is described as white supremacist and racist.  The idea is that if the guidelines the equity types prefer are followed more blacks will pass.  Problem is they won't know math.  The underlying problems of not trying to learn math and not being disciplined in the class room are not dealt with.  Interestingly enough BLM is against discipline as explained in the video embedded below.  Part of the problem that affects the community is disrespect for authority.  Curriculum is destructive to the black community.  One of their goals is to disrupt the family and the patriarchal structure.  One of the big problems of the black community is single parent homes with no fathers.  Swain says we live in an insane world.



Creating Black Privilege and Teaching Victimhood (Pt 1)  The big lie on college campuses has been that the characteristic that defines America above all else is racism...Every kind of college ties itself into knots to admit blacks and hispanics.  ..Rubin "Are you worried that the backlash to what you just said will start a new type of racism?  When the average white kid or Asian kid is going to have to consistently score 20% points higher than the average black or Latino you could see why someone could become racist"



Policies BLM and left advocates ostensibly to stop racism toward blacks will create racism toward blacks.  They pretend there is racism that isn't there, then they compel everyone to engage in their policies to fight racism including donating money to them, and the result of racism toward blacks.

Henry Jone's interview talks about policies being harmful to blacks.

Ben Carson says creating racism to gain power and position is really quite shameful.  Says race relations have deteriorated because of those who create white guilt and black victimhood. 


In the video below Professor Jason Hill talks about creation of victimhood and white guilt to gain power and reparations.  The time at 1455 is about where he starts talking about that.  He says professors are communists insurrectionists and they can't be convinced of the error of their ways.  He says they hate the West.  He says that they need to be defunded.  He speaks about school teachers celebrating when homer is removed from their syllabi and how there is a movement to remove Shakespeare.  He believes that holding a group responsible fo rhe actions of individuals is wrong.



Black privilege.  You can't say that it exists.  You'll be fired.  You can't say white lives matter.  You'll be shot.  Probably also blue lives matter.

Defunding the police hurts blacks.  Could have black militia run by black lives matter.  Black Panthers were a black militia.  They extorted money from other blacks.  What is BLM doing with all the money it got?  They are anticapitalist.  Are they donating their money to the poor?  I haven't heard of any such thing.  What did Ibrahim Kendi do with the 20K he got for a talk?

BLM is antisemitic.  How does that fit in with their principles?  Mort Klein called out anti-semitic and anti-american platform of BLM in the embedded video below.



If they had more police on the trains, Claudine would be here.

Herschel Walker was a black football player.  He was a friend of Donald Trumps.  Donald Trump was smeared as a racist by the left because he was president and they wanted his power.  Herschel talks about his friendship and the injustice of racist accusations below.